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Thanks guys. I needed the reality check. I wanted it to work, but really knew in my heart that it was a dumb idea :-)

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This vehicle will never make it across the dips, especially the stream crossings in Grapevine Canyon.  Don't do it.

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I couldn't imagine attempting to drive that thing in. If he really cares about it I wouldn't do it, it would never be the same again IF he makes it. I can't imagine how slow you would have to go.

How many spares does he have? Plug kits? If that thing breaks down in the wrong spot it could clobber the road for everyone else. I vote no but to answer your original question...maybe. But is it worth it?

Posts: 39
I have invited a friend to join us for Thanksgiving. He has a 30' RV pictured below. I can't recall seeing a class A quite this long at the spring and don't want him to have a disaster his first time out. Will it make it? North Pass? South Pass? Both? either? I usually come in North and the only bogey that I can think of would be the ess turns about 5 miles in. Whatcha think? 

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