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I everyone aware that their is an entrance fee for Death Valley, yes, the Springs are in Death Valley NP.
Here is a tip, a senior life time pass is available for those 62+ for only $10.00
Here is info on NPS fees:

You can pick up a pass at the visitors center in Lee Vining if you are going south on 395.
An annual pass for under 65 or not disabled is $80.00

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Just because page 2 says Saline will be affected at a later time doesn't nullify the opinions of what should be done in the park system.  History tells us that slippery slopes are mounted with 1 wrong seemingly innocent step.  What happens within the park can have ramifications that could negatively affect the springs.
None of the Above!!!! This will not effect the springs at all, as another plan for the springs is going to be undertaken (page 2 of the newsletter):

"It also does not include the Saline Valley warm springs and the non-wilderness lands surrounding them as this area will be addressed in the future in a site-specific plan as per direction of the Park’s approved General Management Plan."
Sam D.

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This is probably a good thing, but I couldn't find a comment page or how to get to it   ?????????????????????????

Sam D.

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What's the best option for the springs?

Direct link to PDF:  here

Comment Period - 04/01/2011 - 05/01/2011, so please vote and comment by let's say 04/25/2011 so we have plenty of time to deliver the comments.

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