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I'm a Big supporter of Reinstating Beatty, Nevada's annual Burro-Bar-B-Q

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Just spent wonderful 3 days at the springs. The only thing that spoiled the experience was the burros' behavior. Somebody at the springs ( I am not naming names or pointing fingers ) thinks it's a good idea to have these animals around the springs. They come to the pools and camping spots, they urinate and poop all over the place. It won't be long until the main source is contaminated. The whole place is beginning to smell like one giant restroom. I was told that these burros chew on Jeeps soft tops and steal food from unlocked vehicles. I was told that some can bite and kick. And the noise... Yes, the burros make very loud obnoxious noise at all hours. I got waken up frequently.
Is there anything we can do to persuade the people to not feed or attract the animals?

Your thoughts?
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