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I've witnessed similar animal raids. With a Dodge full-szie van and a cargo rack on top the full length, I've started keeping all food on top. I just climb the rear ladder and get what I need when I need it. (Not protected from the ravens, however.) In May a few years ago, I got a real scolding from a ranger who rolled through Palm Springs (I was alone) and observed my food unprotected, open van doors, etc. She called me over and gave me a lesson. Lesson learned. Also, if you don't finish eating something or have fruit peels, peanut shells, etc., it's way too easy to just toss it away from camp. Not a good practice.
Salt Peter

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Good information and well presented. Put a smile on my face even though it covers some crappy animal behavior. Jackasses!

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The burros, coyotes and ravens are aggressively going after people's food. More so than I've ever seen. There is other posts under the current events forum about coyotes and a person stealing food that you should read as well. I won't cover too much about the coyotes since a lot is covered under "coyote warning". Just be aware they can open coolers. The ravens as per usual will get at your garbage so if you can't put it in your vehicle get a locking container or else you will be picking up trash spread around camp everyday! Not fun. Mainly posting this because of something I witnessed personally. While soaking in wizard pool during the middle of the day my girlfriend and I saw a small group of 5 burros raid a camp. We didn't realize where the loud noises we were hearing were coming from. We thought some nearby campers were being noisy. As the noises continued we began looking around. We finally saw the burros in our neighbors camp site at palm spring. We chased them away luckily just in time to save some of our neighbors food so they could still enjoy their trip. I'm not kidding when I say this, our neighbors put their food in a Rubbermaid action packer underneath their truck and had the lid fully latched. They then cable locked their mountain bikes together in front of the coolers to block them. The burrows grabbed the bikes and moved them out of the way about 4 feet. They then grabbed the action packer from under the truck, dragged it into the open, unlatched the damn lid and proceeded to eat the food!!! Those are some smart asses!!! I would suggest a container with a lock on it but I'm sure the animals out there will just pick the lock with a lock pick set or use a pair of bolt cutters. Just trying to help someone avoid having to leave early due to loss of food. Hope this helps
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