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Salt Peter

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Thank you. It was only a matter of time.
James Sel

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Cooking Rabbit? Sure. I remember bringing some Char Siu mix and using it on rabbit served with rice for the potluck after the ballgame back in the late 90's. I thought it was a funky idea but it worked out well and got great reviews surprising for rabbit. . I wish I still had a pic of it.  

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The "Road Conditions" threads are being returned to what they were intended to be in the first place.  They're supposed to be a resource for travelers to learn from others who have recently used these roads and have posted the conditions they encountered.  That's all!  If you have recently driven in or out of the valley, please post your first hand observations.  Others will appreciate it!

The "Road Conditions" forum is NOT for discussion about:
Gender preference, Bats, the off-road capabilities of Teslas, trailer suspension, ham radio frequencies, rats in the Boxcar Cabin, how much Miller's towing charges, or cooking rabbits.  These are a few of the posts I deleted in this effort to return these threads to their original intent.  

All the subjects mentioned above may be discussed freely in the appropriate sections of the SPA forums, so don't think we're trying to stifle your conversations.  We're just trying to provide a place where people can go to read about recent road conditions without having to shovel through pages of irrelevant blather about unrelated subjects.

Your cooperation is appreciated!

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