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With both roads being in better condition than they have been in a long time I feel we now have a choice as to which entrance we choose. For us the South in perfect and cuts over an hour off out travel time. For others the North makes more sense. 

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North is still better by a mile/mile and a 1/2, except for a small section north of Willow Creek, which is seriously choppy... jmo
Sam D.

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Thx for the reports, Thunder. Did you travel both passes? I see you posted road reports for both. Which one is better?

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North pass is getting a little more wash board. It was graded not that long ago but has already started washboard in more places. Otherwise in general the North pass is clear and open.
RC Pilot Jim

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Guessing, it's because of the summer heat - 120* plus.

I'm a Nov - March soaker as I like 40-50* nights and mid- 70's - mid 80's days.

As we move into October there will be more postings.
Salt Peter

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Welcome to SPA
Please see the specific route condition threads.

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Just wondering what's going on out there. The lack of postings since last spring worries me a lot. Someone, please clue me in if something catastrophic has happened. If not, is either pass passable in a small non 4x4 passenger car with an experience Saline roads driver?

Thanks and hi to everyone! Ladywolf
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