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We drive an F-150 that has a tow package. So we regularly attach one of the many drags to out tow hitch and drag as we go in or out of camp. I have talked to several people who had no idea what all those tires and pieces of metal were for. So if you have a tow package on your vehicle I hope you will also volunteer to drag the road as you enter and leave the Springs. 

That said I am not sure who all is in charge of maintaining or fixing the tow objects. We were dragging our favorite one and the cable broke. We were able to get it to a center area out of the way but were wondering how we go about getting it back in working order.
Salt Peter

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Lee is primarily at the lower springs. Even without an increase in visitation it is difficult for one person to do all that is needed at the springs. Palm Spring used to have a seasonal camp host but after George and Ria left some things have been left without regular upkeep. Cleaning the pools at Palm Spring is a daily duty. Especially when others lack etiquette. But this is when those who do help out really stand out. This is also the reason the springs continue to stay in good condition. When I first started visiting I made an effort to learn what is needed and I still learn something new to do when I visit. Big thank you to all who care for Saline.

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So is Lee not around ?

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I recently visited our springs and just would like to shout out my thanks and appreciation for the volunteers who step up and clean and repair everything.  A new valve was installed on the wizard Pool, inflow pipes/screens got cleaned out and pools are getting cleaned.  I get that there are lots of folks discovering the springs with all the Web connections and information, but even without a full time camp host, this is still working well!

So, thanks to all the workers and folks who are keeping the springs excellent and in good repair: you know who you are!

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