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My father would approve. He was the main builder 50 years ago.
Thank you
Sam D.

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Thanks to all volunteers for doing this work.

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We drained and cleaned the tub on Saturday, June 9th.  The top coat seems to be totally cured now.  We didn't use any bleach, but a sponge and soft brush was enough to remove all the algae that had built up in the last three weeks.

The sides and seats look perfect.  There was no leakage evident, and the soil on the downhill side of the tub was bone dry.  A few peeling spots on the floor are the only indicators that these jobs are done by volunteers, not professionals!

I took the warning sign down, since it's unlikely that anyone would have cleaned it this week anyway.  The Volcano Tub is now officially open and back in service.  Feel free to use, drain and clean it any time you think it needs it.

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Tub and deck refinish look terrific.  I think people are leaving it alone to fully cure.  There was a little algae in the pool,  but should be easier to clean going forward after complete cure.
Geo Mitch

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I was out there while the crew was working on the Volcano pool.  They had enough skilled workers so didn't need my un-skilled help but I did follow the work.  They did a great job and deserve many thanks. That's my favorite hot weather soak and I look forward to using it on my next trip this summer.  They also fixed the wobbly bench by the Wizard pool.  Thanks again guys!
Just Bill

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Thank You all who participated..........Your dedication to Palm Spring and the longevity of its existence is a merit to be noticed and appreciated......Good Job!
Salt Peter

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Not my go to soak but it looks great!
Thank you to all who took part in making it happen.
Sparky of SoCal

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I rarely use any of the facilities but I do appreciate when a bunch of fellow humans get together and do something positive. No fanfare, no look at me. I like that, makes me feel better.

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The much-needed repair of the Volcano Tub was completed between May 13th and May 15th.  The pool was returned to service on Thursday, the 16th.

Please remember that the top coat of plaster takes 30 days to fully cure.  Soaking is fine, but don't use bleach or scrub brushes on the tub until June 15th.

Hopefully we'll get another 40 years or so out of this job!

All the materials used for this job were paid for by your donations to SPA, along with a couple direct donations of cash and supplies from other individuals.

Happy Soaking!

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