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At 2AM Easter Sunday, I stalled 5 miles from the spring on Bat Cave Rd and couldn't start my truck.  It was a 2 day ordeal during which so many people stopped to help that even the $2200 that Miller's wanted to tow me out couldn't kill my awe and wonder for the Saline community.  So thank you all for your support.

I have Good Sam Emergency Road Service. I did not get to give it the ultimate test because my guardian angel, Ty, managed to get my truck started.  But what followed after I got home was a 2 week tussle with Good Sam to determine (for future reference) if they will pay to get members rescued from Saline Valley.  THIS JUST IN: they have reviewed the pictures of Saline Waucoba Rd that I sent them, held high level meetings and determined that Saline is NOT off- road and, therefore, they WILL cover us in Saline. Membership costs $99 per year. Don't leave home without it.

Disclaimer: As yet, this is still untested, but they have assured me that they will cover me in the valley.

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