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Salt Peter

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There was a motorhome that left this past Sunday. Not sure if they went out NP or SP. This particular motorhome has been there on two previous trips I made to the springs. Guessing NP is still fine.
Lew H

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Towing a trailer in has not been a problem for me, but I have a 3/4ton 4X4 Suburban. The problem I have experienced is beating my trailer up. I don't take it in any more. I tent camp at the springs.

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WOW!  1800 lbs is one HEAVY teardrop trailer!  Mine weighs in at just under 700 lbs, and even that can be a handful on steep icy grades.  The trailer likes to pull the rear of the truck to the inside of the curve, especially if the road has much slope to it.  Any time I feel it starting to slide, I just stop and throw on a set of chains, (you do carry chains, don't you?) and the problem goes away.

Besides, based on the amount of snow we saw up there yesterday, it'll probably be all gone by April 7th.  Enjoy your trip!

Bongo Brian

Posts: 6
Anyone ever tow in a teardrop or camping  trailer through snow on north pass? Any wisdom appreciated. I'm hoping this latest storm did not dump much on the north pass.
I'll be heading out April 7th with a fully load v6 truck and 1800 lb teardrop trailer.

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