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1) Camping, Large Holiday Gatherings, Potlucks, Playing Music around the Fire, Hiking, Exploring, Soaking, Sitting and Staring at the Mountains, Meeting People and Sharing a Drink or a Meal, Learning about God Know’s What in the Tubs

2) Most any that don’t endanger others, cause undo harm to the environment or can be considered disruptive and rude by the greater majority of folks (firearms, fireworks, driving off-trail, constant blaring noise around the pools or late at night).

3) Personally I don’t mind the culling of burros, though I do enjoy their presence and think they have a place there.

4) I think the camping situation is good. It’s flexible and that’s key. There could be a greater distribution of fire pans to encourage good stewardship and I believe it’s time, to have clearly posted rules (there it is, I said it) to serve as a guide for best practices of fire pan, pool and sink management. I am avidly against limiting the number of sites or the site occupancy in the area as I highly value the community traditions that draw in large numbers for short periods. I think a reservation system is an impossible idea given the character of a typical Saline Valley vacation and the potential difficulty getting in and out or staying when the weather gets rough.

5) They can best manage the future influx by letting it remain difficult to get out there. I value the springs as an alternative to the Stovepipe Wells/Furnace Creek experience. I don’t want them treated or managed the same. A stay in Saline Valley is an earned experience and the quality of the folks drawn to it are enhanced by the filter. Let nature be the limiting force not the park service. That’s a more acceptable challenge.

6) None.

Drummer Dan


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1: Camping soaking hiking

2: Camping soaking hiking

3: Make them pay for their own food Make them clean up after themselves.

4: Seems fine

5: We as taxpayers are all paying for it anybody should be able to use it. Keep it the way it is.

6: I fly in 2-3 x a year, the Recreation Aviation Foundation has stepped up to the plate to maintain and keep the CS open and safe. There is an occasional maintenance party that comes out and does whatever is needed to achieve this. All work is is donated.

I don't speak for them but if you've got concerns about us flying in please comment here and/or contact
The RAF at,

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1. Soaking, hiking
2. Keep it wierd
3. No thoughts
4. The camping situation at the springs seems to be fine. Pack in what you pack out stay in the semi designated areas just be responsible.
5. Keep the roads rugged and unmarked. I've only been coming out for 10 years but when I was finally invited I was given rough directions on the back of a napkin from los angeles and figured the rest out. It should be a sort of a quest to get there. None of this google map gps nonsense.
6. I personally have no concerns about the chicken strip but have been noticing an increased use. If it comes down to it either the people who are using it should let maintain it or close it down.
James Sel

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GAEL, is it dark in there?

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You forgot to mention that my suggestion, if implemented, would also make it difficult for crippled orphans to play beach ball in the grassy area. Puppy dogs might die of thirst on the trail. Bloated baby-boomer carcasses strewn about, rusting ipods clutched in dead hands. For shame!

This is an important topic and I thank the host for this forum.

Let's keep the debate rational.

Obviously crowds are the problem and therefore restrictions (crowd control) of some form or other will be necessary, like it or not. Either we visitors self-restrict or the park service will do it for us. I invite you to choose wisely.

My main thesis, if you will, is that controlling vehicle access (i.e. keeping access roads primitive) will minimize crowds. All else follows from that.

The National Anthem segues right ... about ... here.
Hi Desert Warrior

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Here,here.  Well said James Sel.  Unregistered, in my believe is blowing smoke and sturing the pot.
James Sel

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An unregistered guest not wanting to show who they are; posted the following..........
"Move all vehicles well away from springs. Would a little hike kill us?"

 I think you point here is too restrictive. Doing this would deny access to disabled vets that fought to protect this land and keep it free.
Stop organizing large-scale gatherings. You are now reaping what you have sown.
Close the airstrip. Emergency evac and official use only. Pointless and dangerous for the public.
Move all vehicles well away from springs. Would a little hike kill us?
Close Marble Canyon. Stop the ORV invasion.

Let's keep it nude, natural, nutty and gritty.

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yeah looks like "SEO" activity.
probably some "company" that was hired by someone else to raise the search engine ratings of whatever they are spamming. friggin rats, they ruin the interwebz.

Are they all coming from a specific IP block? might be able to just block em that way.
Sam D.

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Questiosn to admin : is there a way to delay 1st post for 24hrs after registration Or blocks these url's ? I know most forum software have custom words blocking.....just a thought....
Salt Peter

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Posts: 45
There are lots of burros in the park, mainly in the Panamint - Owlshead region, and some horses on Hunter Mountain and probably in the Nevada Triangle.
Hi Desert Warrior

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Question #3 Burro plan.  go to in Burro information click on Why we need to help.  The article tells how the Death Valley Park Service shot and killed 400 Burros between 1987 and 1994.  The small herd may be the last of the historic burros left in Death Valley?


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Answering #1:  Keeping Camping on a first come first served basis in designated areas, as opposed to strictly delineated improved campsites, with loud noise restrictions (to curb the BIKER NOISE - and yes I am a licensed Motorcycle Rider who tries to be considerate of others) The noise restrictions should start at a reasonable hour.....  9:00 P.M.? ...  Midnight? ????  The Clothing optional use of the Hot Springs showers, pools, and surrounding camping areas.  the Ball game, Pancake Breakfast, pot lucks (at the drop of a hat), music at the lower springs, and golf game...  The continued maintenance and operation of the Chicken strip (I am a Pilot and Flight Instructor too)  :-)

#2:  See #1....

#3:  Although the burros are not native to the Springs they are of historic significance. We who use the springs are also not "native" to the springs.  The Burros should be permitted to continue in the area though their numbers need to be managed to protect the native plants.  The current population load of burros does not appear to be excessive, however, someone (or a group of folks) who have a much greater span of experience than I should set the proper burro population limits.

#4:  I like the current first come first served situation without any significant improvements.  the fire rings with inexpensive grates is nice, but not necessary.  The folks who use the springs are a self sufficient lot who pitch in to make the camping better... I like the approved camping area concept that does not have severely restricted camp-sites.....  That seems to end up creating a more user-friendly campground.

#5:  I have no clue yet.

#6:  The dimensions of the airstrip need to be measured so that a pilot coming in knows how long and how wide the runway is.  The threshold elevation should be approximated and the elevation at the top end should also be provided.  The surface is properly maintained at this time.  I was out there and ran  a rough measurement on it on Monday the 28th of May 2012.  It appears to be just a touch over 1,000 feet long.  It looks to be about 30 feet wide. (useable areas...  actually the length is slightly longer and the width varies a bit but 30 feet appears to be a good conservative estimate)  The gradient on the runway should be put on this site so a pilot can know how much of an uphill slope exists on the runway.  It is significant and greatly affects the sight picture for anyone seeking to land there.  However, since the runway length is so short only more experienced pilots will seek to use it anyway.  I have read a lot about the Windsock.  I did not closely examine the windsock this last visit but it needs to freely pivot around;  especially since the winds out at the runway can vary so much.  The Chicken Strip needs to be kept open;  Perhaps a contribution box at the lower springs for visiting pilots to help pay for the fuel to run the equipment to keep the ruts on the runway at a minimum???  $15.00 landing fee?  (perhaps a bit less if the pilot helps maintain the Strip, for example by installing and/or maintaining the wind sock? 

I have no "special insight";  I am just tossing out some ideas to get the dialogue going...... 
Major Tom

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1. What types of recreational use of Saline Valley Warm Springs are important to you?

2. What visitor activities do you feel are appropriate in the Saline Valley Warm Springs area?

3. What are your thoughts on management of feral burros in Saline Valley?

4. How do you feel about the camping situation at the springs?

5. Do you have suggestions about how the National Park Service can best manage the anticipated increase in visitors to Warm Springs over the next 15-20 years?

6. Do you have any concerns about the use of the Chicken Strip airstrip?

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