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Donuts? I've seen lots of donuts at Saline. Croissants, sweet rolls, cupcakes...

Excuse me. I've gotta go get something out of the kitchen.😃
Dusty Trails

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1.  Do not camp within 100ft of the hot spring pools or sources. Are people moving rocks to park or camp next to pools?
4.  Do not bring glass wine bottles, jars, or cups near the pools. Simplify to No Glass Near Pools. Too much text and noobs get lost.
5.  Keep dogs on leash at all times and pick up after your dog.  No dogs in pools!  Beware - Coyotes will enforce this rule [rofl]
8.  Do not paint, draw, or graffiti on rocks or structures. This should be a given.  Maybe replace with camp only in designated areas?
10. Do not drive off the main roads.  This means no donuts, or showing off.  Slow down to keep the dust down. Would start this out with Drive SLOW.  In all the years I have never seen a donut at the springs but I always see people driving too fast.

Post it in the shitter, in large print, so people have some reading material. Also post on message board.

The only sign that I think should be by the pools is - 

'please shower before entering'


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One thing we have tried to be very conscience of is how loud our radio was. One time while we were packing up to leave we turned the tunes up a bit too loud and were asked to turn it down (Insert embarrassed face). So this time we went with that in mind since it was super bowl and all. We had our XM radio and we were all set. When we tried it out the volume was stuck on high!!! We tried rolling the speaker in the sleeping bag and a pair of jeans to no avail. (good quality sound lol) SO off it went. The scene was actually quite comical. And into Big Pine we went. Found a new speaker at K-Mart and returned to enjoy the rest of the weekend without bothering anyone else. 

Just thought I would share and maybe share a chuckle.
James Sel

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^ X2
Sparky of SoCal

Posts: 79
The dog thing is getting beat to death. A lot of the dog owners know the flea bags need be on a leash. Every monument and park except dog parks are required to be leashed. Community,city,county,state, nearly all. So what you think those signs are going to do? Those people don't give a sh*t about others, they are special, you see it, just nobody wants to say it. Until you admit that you need to get past the sign deal and go to another response to the problem nothing is going to change. Goody two shoes don't want pop the dog or confront the owner. You got nothing going for you going forward but dog poop and signs that the dog owners letting go free shi*t on.
Salt Peter

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If those signs aren't posted in the Palm Spring bulletin board they should be. Time to start calling out people with dogs off leash and on trails. That's what it has come to. There are many many other places for people to take their dogs.
San Felipe

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Not that they are new rules, but there are new signs about the NPS rules that were posted on the library doors some time in mid-January 2018. new dog sign.jpg  new drone sign.jpg 

There  were two drones flying in camp over the Christmas - New Years period. One was witnessed by a NPS law enforcement officer who had come in responding to a vehicle rollover on Saline Valley Road. Let's not go out of our way to get law enforcement attention at the springs. For those who feel entitled to let their dogs run off leash, may I suggest that there are lots of other hot springs where such rules aren't present and there is less likelihood of poor outcomes.

Sam D.

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Thunder58, the Bat pool has No Soap sign that is very faded. I will renew. It's not a tub, people soak there all the times. Sorry

Posts: 30
It's the BAT tub, not the BATH tub! No soap in it, please.

IIRC it was the first tub installed.

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I don't do facebook, but I did come across the facebook Saline Valley Warm Springs public group and was amazed at the activity it gets. Perhaps someone with a facebook account could post the list of "rules" to that forum, maybe it'll help some. Looks like there are a bunch of people headed for the springs over Presidents day....


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Terawanderer We drive a Ford F150 4x4. Probably any 4x4 should be able to drag. We have pulled the tires and the metal drags. As long as your vehicle has a tow package you should be fine. 

Sam D. Yes the small tub next to the shower. I believe it is posted as a no soak only bathing type of tub so we clean off and get out but s few were using it as a private soaking tub. 
Sam D.

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Posts: 774
Thunder58, which bath tub are you referring to? The one next to the shower at the Lower Springs? I've always known that tub as the original soaking tub? It takes 1.5-2 hrs to refill so if you bathe instead of showering ...
I will renew the No Soap sign on the pipe that feeds the Bat pool that kinda faded away the next time I go.

Thank you for the drag.

Posts: 64
Hi Thunder 58.  You did a great job on the was much better going out Saturday than it was going in on Friday.  What do you drive or how much power is needed to pull the drag ??  What is the minimum vehicle needed ?

Posts: 53

Thanks everyone for their input.  I will keep updating the list as needed but I'd like to get it out there before pres weekend.  I know many of you are members of various FB, meetup, social media sites, so please link to this page, or share it.  Better yet if you know the moderators, let's try to get them to sticky the list.  This will be one of my contributions to protecting Saline this year!  Cheers!



Just say no to shirtcocking, or donald ducking! [biggrin]

Posts: 29
We were there this weekend. We saw many people with dogs. I was very happy to see that they were mostly leashed. One woman had 2 German Shepards by the upper pools that were not on leashes and we had one dog just walk straight through our camp! So frustrating when people think they don't have to follow the rules. I also see people get in the pools all the time without showering. They just strip right there by the pools and jump in.

I was frustrated also with the number of people who treat the bath tub as a soaking pool! I personally like to bathe before I get into the pools and twice there were people just hanging out. 

If anyone decides to add more fencing to keep cars out of the pool area, and I mean like the branches around the grass, or want to add more rocks please let me know what weekend and my husband and I will be glad to come help!

We have also made it a habit to grab a drag whenever we come into or go out of the camp to the main road. There are usually a few at both ends and we just hook up and go!
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