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At this writing, all 4 Sierra passes are open!  It's a terribly low snow winter so far. 

Interesting to look at the Tioga link - this is the latest the passes have been open for as long as that chart goes! Also note the April 1 snowpack - bounces from 31% to 224% - such is life in the Sierra!  

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Tioga Pass reopened on 11/25/11 after being closed for serveral weeks.  Found this interesting link on the open and closure dates going back to 1980.

Tioga Pass Link

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Fall '10- tioga is still open but on a day to day basis due to recent snow cycles.  Weather is supposed to improve next week and would expect the pass to remain open into Nov. atleast.  see ya all on Veterans

11/10- Tioga is closed and actively snowing in Sierras

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Tioga opened today.
Stuck Chuck

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You can avoid park fees by driving through in the middle of the night. Weekdays they close by 9pm, weekends 10 or 11pm, that's my recollection.


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Don't overlook the alternative of running CA-99 to Bakersfield, then over Tehachapi, then north on CA-14 and US-395.  I think I calculated it out one day and it's 40 miles longer that way, but you get to run at freeway speed on multi-lane divided highway almost all the way to Lone Pine.  And if it's a ski weekend, you only have to deal with the ski crowds once you hit US-395 around Inyokern (beats crawling along Hwy 50 anytime).  So, my experience has been that it's often faster than going through Tahoe when the other mountain passes (Sonora and Tioga) are closed.  I prefer Sonora (108) over Tioga (120) because 120 gets so slow through Yosemite -- plus you have to pay the full fee even if you are merely driving through.

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Tioga Pass is clear up to the gate from the E. side, but gate at bottom of pass is still closed as of today.  Lots of rock-fall comes out of the couloirs above the road this time of year as meltoff occurs- believe me when i say you do not want to be there when these boulders start rolling.  CALTRANS controls the road and decides when it is safe, my guess would be a couple weeks.  Hopefully before Memorial weekend.
Dont know what the road conditions are like in the Park above Tioga, but based on the snow still at my house id guess it is heavy.  Lots of water this year in the Sierras

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I was in Yosemite Last week. Snow is record levels this year and they even got some fresh while i was there. They aren't in any hurry , plus I heard that they will be working on the road ( doing repairs as well ). I want to get on the Tioga Rd. to access some good hiking areas and with the info I got, I changed my plans and am looking to about the 2nd week of June. Hell the NPS still has the cables to Half Dome down!! Saw that for myself personally.
On the positive side the waterfalls were EPIC...

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It's definitely the fastest way from the Bay Area when it's open.  Cuts almost 2 hours off the trip to Bishop versus going over 50 to Gardnerville and down through Bridgeport, etc.  CalTrans and Yosemite are working on clearing the road.
Rusty Scout

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I am from Marin County and this is my favorite route. I assume many others use this pass on the way to Saline. Any eta on reopening for 2010? I assume the snow pack is going to last a while still. Am I wrong to think this is the quickest way from the Bay Area? I think it's prettier than 88.
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