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Sparky of SoCal

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"Those strange double tracks look like they could be from a hoverboard. I can't see the size and I've never seen a hoverboard track but it looks close enough to me."

We need to be careful with statements like this! One of those big Cable News Companies will pick this up as fact and some how be linked to the Russians.[biggrin]

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Could have been a segway too I guess.
Sam D.

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I suggest installing spike laced signs like these except the signage should say "Driving on the Race Track is not allowed"



Posts: 29
Those strange double tracks look like they could be from a hoverboard. I can't see the size and I've never seen a hoverboard track but it looks close enough to me.

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I went back to the Racetrack over Memorial Day weekend to see if the car tracks had repaired at all. Mostly no. Plus I saw new kinds of vandalism.

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Whoever it was should be buried 

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The article on SFGate indicated that the NPS has some suspects that they're in the process of tracking down. I hope the rains will erase the tire tracks within a few years.

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I could speculate on who did this, but it would only add to our pain.

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Low life's,as good as dead if we could have caught them.........


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Domestic, home-grown terrorists are often the greater threat.

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People shoud have to pass and ignorance test before they are allowed to leave the pavement.  Wouldn't it be nice if a satellite had been in place so that jerk could be identified?
Soakin' Stu

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It's a beautiful and mysterious place. It will take years if not decades for the tire tracks to fade away so that we can only see the "racetracks".

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I was at the Racetrack in Death Valley last weekend. I'm sad to say that some jerks drove all over the playa, including loops around the Grandstand and even out to the rocks at the south end. Worse, some terrible people carved initials into (at least) one of the rocks.

All of these photos are from 9/11-9/12 last weekend. I don't know when the tracks were made, but they seemed recent. I have sent these photos all to the NPS who forwarded them to law enforcement, not that there's much hope really that any justice will be done.

I had heard about "some people carving into the rocks" a few weeks back but didn't want to believe it to be true. I had not heard about the car tracks. They seemed pretty new. This is heartbreaking stuff. Not everything is ruined out by the rocks, but there's a lot of compositions that certainly are and the tracks are close enough to show up in the distance in shots.

Loops around the Grandstand:

Just an incredible mess by the middle parking area:

Yep, they drove out to the rocks.


Really, really horrible people:

I posted a bunch of more photos in a blog post on my totally neglected blog.
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