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Posts: 169
don't be bashful, Ben, some of us old farts need something to stimulate the "heartbeat"
that kind of thinking might come up with something we want or need
but what about the winch (see road discussions)
Bob from Tahoe

Posts: 45
Hehe. Your absolutely right. Things like drunken softball games should be regulated to burning man. Christmas Grog is also probably best not brought up in polite company. In fact we should probably limit our exercising to breathing white light... and complaining on the internet. In future I will keep my sense of humor to myself. Apologies to any raised heart-rates out there. Too much of that can kill you!! I'm still designing a hydration system to carry precisely  48 ounces of "fluid"[biggrin] [rolleyes].

Posts: 66
I think the Burning Man is the place for people seeking attention. Let's leave the existing events and not add more especially the ones encouraging raunchy behaviors like that.
We already got way too many posers. Just my 2 cents. Most people come to seek peace and tranquility. What's next? - Rave party?


Posts: 45
Haha. Awesome. 

Clarification needed. This is not a "running event" just a bunch of people coincidentally going quickly in the same direction... While drinking in the same spots, also coincidentally. Racing may not be the best idea. Perhaps prizes for different categories. Costumes, hand-walking, style etc. Speed should for sure be a category though. Fastest and slowest. 

Motorcycles are a great addition. Perhaps we could incorporate them somehow. We will have two. Maybe there could be a relay component. I'll have to consider that. Usually when I am drinking and riding motorcycles, the latter precedes the former... 

I should give credit where credit is due. This is an actual event in many running towns, Leadville CO being one. People are completing this run in under 5 minutes, so there is quite a level of athletic ability giving credence to this athletic pursuit. [wink] 

I'll gauge interest when I get there. And talk more smack in the tubs. . .

Anyone who is gets publicly drunk after four PBRs probably shouldn't race... Or risk the possibility of having any sort of fun... Might strain something. 



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Posts: 204
Sign me up !

Posts: 169
We used to do that on motorcycles, so on foot the drinking intervals need to be much closer together otherwise the contestants will dehydrate and die in the desert.
Don't forget the relief stations (need to make room for the next round).
Actually the girls with flog for grog at the ball game had a great idea, so just do that every 100 yards between lower and palm springs with prizes for the most welts, the beer is the anesthetic.
Also, why race? we come here to escape the rat race.
Nice idea but give it some more thought.
Bob from Tahoe
James Sel

Posts: 379
No promotions of public drunkenness in Saline, Please. Leave these games in the frat houses where they belong.
Big Jeff

Posts: 106
The Park has banned running events.  Nothing about drinking.  May I suggest speed walking.

Posts: 45
I would like to propose an event to coincide with Saint Patricks Day: The Beer Mile. 

This will be a foot race, to take place over a mile. At the start, and at every quarter mile in between, contestants will be required to drink a beer (or shot of their choice), as well as one at the finish. First person to completely finish final beer wins a great prize. (to be determined). Contestants supply own drinks. Probably. Course to be determined, along with time of start.... There are already two people signed up!! Sign up here, or on race day. 

Prizes may include:

More beer. 
Second hand sex toys. 
Pretty Rocks. 
Shirt signed by all contestants.
Donkey Poo.
Fame, Glory and adoration by members of gender of your choice...

Hope to see you there. I been training...

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