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There has always been plenty of room around the springs at Thanksgiving.  

During the planning process, the National Park Service was concerned that a thousand people or even thousands of people would descend upon the springs.  I think that this probably was based on their experience of Yosemite and Death Valley being so overloaded that a reservation is required to go there.  

For over a decade, we have been counting the number of cars/people camping and the number of people attending the potluck Thanksgiving dinner.  The maximum number of people has hovered around 300.

So you will easily find a place to camp.  

The standard protocol and etiquette is to act like you have good sense and to practice common courtesy. :-)

Bring some nice contribution to the potluck dinner and come help set the dinner up.  

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Is there a plan afoot for Thanksgiving this year? I've never come to SV for this giant party but I'm curious to do it. Any tips for the best way to camp around there when things get that busy? Any protocols or etiquette that help manage the load on the springs?

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