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I had a tire in much worst condition once.  Coming out I just entered Lee Flat and sidewall was torn (10 miles from Rt 190) I drove 5mph to paved road on it to avoid a $1000 to $2000 tow.  Steel rim was OK for reuse.

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Yes, I was driving too fast (but I do have a weak excuse)....yes, it's an SR-A (with lots of miles on it)....yes, it had been driven flat for some distance.
That's how great Jeeps are: they drive so smoothly on just three wheels, it's hard to tell when the fourth one is flat!!! [rofl]


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One thing I see in Saline, and along White Mtn Road farther north, is folks tend to drive too fast.  
I was waving a big SUV to slow down recently when they flatted right as they passed me by.  Hit a rock and woosh woosh woosh woosh woooshhhh.  Not a big rock either, nothing to worry about going at a safe speed where one could avoid it or not hit it as hard.  
What I have noticed at White Mtn area, where folks drive out the dirt to Patriarch Grove is that most tend to drive mello on the way out, and folks coming back are ussually pushing a faster pace.   
Impatience with the tedium of rocky washboarded road?  
Last time I drove out to Saline as a passenger the idiot simply would not slow down.  The time before that too.  
I'm not saying the OP was going too fast or whatever, I don't know how the flat happened.  But it's a pretty long dirt road drive and a good idea to preserve your ride...
James Sel

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Its a Goodyear Wrangler SR-A

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Looks like it has been driven on quite a distance while flat.
Route 66

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Holy gee... I hope that wasn't a BF Goodrich tire!

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I was driving out the South Pass on 10/29 and had a flat tire near the Lippincott turn-off. No problem, I had two spares, an air compressor, etc. But three very nice California gentlemen (who had just finished fixing their own flat!) helped me out anyway. Even though I could have eventually changed it by myself, you three saved me at least an hour or two. 
Sorry I didn't get your names, but I remember one of you is an attorney. 
I just wanted to say "Thanks" and tell you I made it all the way back to Georgia (2300 miles) without any more problems.


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