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I've been taking my home-made off-road teardrop trailer in and out of Saline Valley for many years.  We've come in and out on all four roads, North Pass, South Pass, Steele Pass and Lippincott Road.  We've never had to turn back because I couldn't get the trailer over the roads, even when the NPS web page called them "impassable".  (I did have to leave it at the Springs for a few days last year when the tongue broke, but it was an easy fix.)  Trailers can be towed to some pretty amazing places if you have the right tow-vehicle.

Then there are the 2WD Grand Cherokees.  You're counting on conditions being perfect when you go in, and staying perfect until you leave.  I can promise you that you will hate yourself if you get caught on either N or S Pass in the rain or snow with 2WD while pulling a trailer, even a light weight one.  Been there, done that, never again!

If the weather stays good, you shouldn't have any trouble at all on the roads.  I've never understood why people worry about the Bat-Rock Road.  Yeah, it can get bumpy, but all you have to do is slow down.  If you're towing a trailer, you better be used to doing that before you get there!
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Go real slow.

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Any advice on a high clearance teardrop style trailer getting into the springs, either N or S pass, under good road conditions? Specifically Bat Rock Road?  Would be towed by a 2WD V6 Grand Cherokee.

Off Road Teardrop Trailers
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