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Sam D.

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A plane landed on 9/29/14 reporting usual rough surface. Another visitor went out to check and reported that the wind sock needs works or replacement.
Hi Desert Warrior

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I'll fly a tail dragger any day, esp. a J3.

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The strip is still in great shape. There are a few bumps right at the touch down point but I didn't even notice them until I walked the strip. The wind sock is present and there is wood at the fire ring. The tie downs have nice chains with a good parking area. The tubs are clean and well maintained.

Gas at Lone Pine is $6.25 and be alert for cows near the runway. There is also a big power line east of the runway running north-south. Watch the density altitude here.

The Owens Valley can get ruff so try to be finished flying by noon. 6.5 seems to be a good altitude to keep you out of the mountain top turbulence. Use your own judgement.

Flying the South Pass into Saline Valley note the wind direction and estimate the speed. This can help predict up or down drafts near the valley rim. I like to fly the canyon near the mountains to the west. Continue to descend along the western range as the jets seem to fly the center of the valley.

Over fly the field at a few hundred feet and make right traffic. Keep it tight and right on the numbers. Touch down on the threshold and add power to make it to the parking area.

Be prepared for a great time.

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Posts: 15
The strip is in perfect conditions. Why you could even land a 182 full of stuff on it.

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