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Here's a report I got from our friend, Mitch.  Sounds like Steele Pass Road got hammered again.

The Steel pass road has been washed out from Palm Springs up, but I 

don't know how far up. Lee said some vehicles went up put didn't come 
back so they made it through (or they are still there). Patrick K. and 
I worked on the road to the upper spring via the same route used in the 
last 3 years. (Patrick was out there in July and posted the flood 
video.) I flagged the road and we moved some rocks. All it needs now 
is some traffic. The flagging I used will probably degrade by the end 
of the month but there should be some folks going over the pass by 
then. We did not work on the road beyond that, although we looked at 
it. The pre-2013 route looks rough but the post-2013 route (the one I 
built to my van) may be doable. I am worried that people will leave 
tire tracks all over up there until a single route is established again.


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The north eastern sections of Saline Valley toward Steele Pass received significant amounts of rain on the night of the 1st of July 2016. Lower and Palm Spring were flooded but not severely, see 4mi of the Bat Road closest to the springs washed yet remain in drivable condition. North and South Pass were unaffected as of 07/02/2016. Steele Pass Road north of the Upper Spring seems to have washed severely though as the storm was ragging there and in Eureka Valley. The washes were very active, the sound of boulders rolling could be heard all night. I did not venture up Steele and it promises to be an interesting drive. Look out for remains of a green Jeep Cherokee: three first-timers ventured up Steele only 1-2 hours before the storm hit - they did not return to camp that night or the next morning by 8am. Maybe they made it to the dunes?

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Kevin Mokracek

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I came over Steele Pass on December 29, just after a snow storm the night before.   The road through Dedecker had a few inches of snow and the section from the top to the springs had the usual tough spots.   I would doubt very much that a Outback could make it without severe damage.   
BTW I was driving a stock Rubicon Unlimited.  

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Went thru Dedeckera Canyon on 4/12. Steele Pass thru the canyon was in good shape. It looks pretty much like the images posted. Very slow going all the way to Middle Springs. Took us about 5 hrs. We made stops along the way to take pictures. Lots of wild flowers.  DSC_0560web.jpg  DSC_0576web.jpg  DSC_0563web.jpg

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We did the Steele Pass route from Palm (Middle) Spring to Eureka Dunes on 1-18  in a modified Jeep, FJ and Tacoma.  The first 8 miles or so from the springs was miserable--rocky, many turns and washouts. Steele pass was in good shape.  After the Pass the road got much better.  Dedekera Cyn was in good shape (see pics) and was easy, as was the rest of the route.  It took about 2.5 hrs to get to the dunes.

Major Tom

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Please post any up to date information on Steele Pass in this thread. Anything older than 30 days will be subject to deletion as we go along.
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