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Thanks for the heads up. You said traction isn't bad going down. What about for longer wheelbases like your Tacoma? I and some friends were planning a trip through Saline to the Dunes in a couple of weeks. We'd all be driving built 4Runners.

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Rode on a dual-sport bike over Steele from dunes on 10/23.  Dedeckera is the worst I've seen it in 30+ years. Major water tore through the canyon exposing more bedrock at steps.  Not impossible but likely very tough for 4wd with open differentials & normal ground clearance.  Navigating was difficult as it looked like we were only 2nd & 3rd vehicles to attempt since flash flood.  Going south it's easy to miss the turn out of wash onto plateau leading to Marble Bath.
The drop into wash bellow switchbacks was extremely rough & tight as it looked like some new boulders fell from up high.  Short wheelbase only unless you are OK with some body damage.  Traction not a huge problem going downhill.
Don't do it at night.
Not sure I would take my Tacoma through for a while...
Hi Desert Warrior

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I spent the last week at palm springs.  I came in during the rain on Sunday.  Tuesday, two pick ups came in from Steele pass, so it was open to travel with 4X4.  Wednesday even a pick up tried to come in at night.  They would get about 800 yards from Palm Springs then turn a round and go back about a quarter of a mile then turn around and try it again.  I used my flashlight as a beacon for them, but they just kept going around in circles.  The last time they were about 500 yards and I could see their flashlights as they walked around.  When they turn around again, I went to bed.  They came in the next morning and thanked me for the beacon of light.  They said they lost the road by taking the road around the right side of the upper springs.  They said the road now goes around the left side of the upper springs.  A Jeep Wangler went out by way of Steele pass on Wednesday, before the night rider came in.
Ranger Ric

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Went up to steel pass yesterday from springs and returned same day....b/c of the rain that fell last Sunday, the road was harder to follow but if you keep looking out in the distance, we keep picking the road up and there was one harder place to find the road...on the way back to the springs, 300 yards before palm springs, the road takes a sharp right and many tire prints went straight...placed some stones to show rt. turn, so hope this the way, big flood in camp on sunday...almost washed a campers camp away...all is good

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what kind of rig and can you elaborate on road conditions?
rocky,? boulders?
sand washout,

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Went thru Dedeckera Canyon on 4/12. Steele Pass thru the canyon was in good shape. It looks pretty much like the images posted. Very slow going all the way to Middle Springs. Took us about 5 hrs. We made stops along the way to take pictures. Lots of wild flowers.  DSC_0560web.jpg  DSC_0576web.jpg  DSC_0563web.jpg

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We came into Saline through Steel a few days ago . Steel was in great shape , the obstacles are the same as I've ever seen them , many rocks have been stacked that take the bite out of any real difficulties . A few pics from Dedeckera ...


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We did the Steele Pass route from Palm (Middle) Spring to Eureka Dunes on 1-18  in a modified Jeep, FJ and Tacoma.  The first 8 miles or so from the springs was miserable--rocky, many turns and washouts. Steele pass was in good shape.  After the Pass the road got much better.  Dedekera Cyn was in good shape (see pics) and was easy, as was the rest of the route.  It took about 2.5 hrs to get to the dunes.

Major Tom

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Please post any up to date information on Steele Pass in this thread. Anything older than 30 days will be subject to deletion as we go along.
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