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I would not try Steel Pass in a Subaru...not enough clearance. In addition to the stairsteps in Dedekera, there are two back-to-back bad spots about 1/2 mile SOUTH of Steel Pass when I was there last January.
Salt Peter

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I wouldn't suggest a Subaru Outback.
Google some photos of Dedeckera Canyon and look for the stair steps/waterfalls. In a 4x4 it isn't too much of an issue. If you're traveling alone I wouldn't advise it.
Hi, is there any one could advise if we can pass this with Subaru Outback? Also if anyone can give the latest updates about the road condition that would be much appreciated. Merry Christmas!

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To clarify, we have a Cherokee, Tacoma and 4Runner all with clearance, and have done the pass before.

Wondering with the weather systems coming through and still forecasted if anyone has an update on conditions or crosses up until Christmas?
Rusty Scout

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Can a Suburban or a larger vehicle such as a fully kitted out Sportsmobile make through the pass without clearance issues these days? I know back in the day (like 2010ish) it seemed there was a pinch point (narrow spot with rocky overhang) the the route just above the Burro Springs as you are leaving Saline Valley towards Eureka Valley. But then again it seems that the UC Berkeley Geography 1989 Subuurban ran that route at least once a year. Also I know someone that wants to run that route on a TRD Taco with a Four Wheel Pop UP Camper.

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Planning to head over Steele from Eureka valley with a small party after Christmas.

Wondering if anyone has done it or will be doing it since the Nissan crew or motorcycle party that have checked in here...?

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Did Steel pass on motorcycles the 25th. The pass was easier then when I did it in 2012 but the section from the springs there was much harder. The sand road by the dunes were much easier this time as well. 

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My trailer broke at the A frame going form Racetrack to the teakettle junction. 
A jeep came by with a welder and did a field repair and I went out though ubehebe , stovepipe wells and over to Lone pine that Saturday night and limped home.

Ranger Ric

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We did bend a running board on one of the vehicles before we hit the pass from the springs, but no piling rocks etc Silver Bob...this was not with this group...I believe even you can make it.....:}

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Since you all made it out and back in, can we assume that there are no serious obstacles that required winching or any major rock stacking?  Is it just rough in the usual places?  I don't see your friend with the trailer in your picture.  Did he go along?

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Nov 9th 2016 first run was to Eureka dunes form the hot springs.
camp at dunes and run back to the hot springs the next day.

Steel pass done in both directions by the same group of Nissan Xterras and Frontiers


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Badwater Rd is still closed.  So is West Side Road.  Reports are that Mengle Pass, or actually the turn just before the pass on the west side is once again AWFUL.  

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I might be going through Steele Pass on Nov. 14. Please report back on the conditions. Last April I did it solo and it was not to bad with a spotter.

I want to take Mengel Pass to Warm Springs Canyon road to Badwater Road (pavement) and head North and go to Eureka Dunes. Does anyone know if the Bad Water Road is closed?? This is pavement so I am not sure if its still closed or what?

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Great, thanks for the input. It sounds like our trip is getting canceled anyway though.

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John914, the part of Steele just south of Marble Bath is a pretty good "Squid Filter" for the remaining part of the trail.  If you can get up to the top of the plateau above the bathtub without much drama, Dedeckera should be very doable for you.
Would I take my lightly massaged '02 Tacoma XtraCab over Steele? Probably, but I would take it in from Eureka for the following reasons:
1) Knowing that I could build up the steps in Dedeckera if I had to.
2) If I couldn't make it through the toughest part in Dedeckera I would not be too heavily invested in time.
3) The tight section past Marble Bath is less likely to result in truck scars going downhill.
4) Hot water awaits ahead.
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