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Just drove in and out the Steel.  Only a few parties at the Springs, a rear wheel drive van and a subaru had come in Lipincott and were headed back out that way. 

Gotta include one of my co-driver!


Salt Peter

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Do you have pics of the snow up on Steel Pass? Not that I'll be traveling that way anytime soon but just curious what it looks like. Beautiful country up there.

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As of 1-28 steel pass was smooth.  The end of the wash, before the marble tub, was much smoother than last time I did it.  There was some snow on the top before the staircase. I had no issues in a stock first gen tacoma.

cowboy roscue

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Crossed Steele on Saturday, 1/14/17.  Road was in average shape, but the rock staircases seemed deeper and steeper than in my memory (am I getting soft?).  It was a challenge to get my full sized dodge through some of them, but we did without a scratch.

Frame-18-01-2017-08-03-31.jpg  Frame-18-01-2017-08-04-06.jpg 

Kevin Mokracek

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Drove over Steele Pass less than a month ago and right after a bit of snow and rain.
I had driven out the same way a month before that and nothing much had changed.   Expect some minor route finding for the first few miles above the springs as the wash can trick those not paying attention and lead you up a dead end.   If it starts to get really tricky and you don't see tire tracks or an obvious route turn around and look for the path most travelled.  The crux is about a mile below the pass and is a rock garden that would be tough to navigate in a long wheelbase truck.   I have a 4 door Jeep Rubicon and it was a breeze with the diff locks in that section, it's doable without lockers but just expect your wheels to spin a bit, go slow and gear low and you will be fine.   The only other crux is the steps in Dedeckera Canyon before the dunes.   Same thing, slow and gear low and you will be fine.  A word of caution in this section is if you have a shell or camper you may hit the wall if you don't pick your line right.


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Drove the pass N to S on 12/30. Easily passable, no extreme problems. some technical skills required for Dedeckera canyon but nothing extra ordinary. 


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took 9 rigs over Steel Pass Soth to North over the Veterans day weekend.

nice and clear no obstacles of note.


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There are a couple of areas that you need to be careful going around some washed out sections, but not difficult.  Also, there are two section that have some big holes from people spinning tires on.  The bottom to Saline Road is rocky and the washes can change and be a little tricky.  Overall, not difficult for "Well prepared rigs"

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Looking for an update on this road.
Bringing in 8 rigs on Veterans week.
Well prepared rigs. [biggrin]

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Well i put some more tracks down for you to day 10/01/2016 and thanks for the flagging it was a big help.. the road returns to normal about 5 miles past the upper spring. we as far as the marble bath. then came back. it was time to get more BEER [biggrin]

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Here's a report I got from our friend, Mitch.  Sounds like Steele Pass Road got hammered again.

The Steel pass road has been washed out from Palm Springs up, but I 

don't know how far up. Lee said some vehicles went up put didn't come 
back so they made it through (or they are still there). Patrick K. and 
I worked on the road to the upper spring via the same route used in the 
last 3 years. (Patrick was out there in July and posted the flood 
video.) I flagged the road and we moved some rocks. All it needs now 
is some traffic. The flagging I used will probably degrade by the end 
of the month but there should be some folks going over the pass by 
then. We did not work on the road beyond that, although we looked at 
it. The pre-2013 route looks rough but the post-2013 route (the one I 
built to my van) may be doable. I am worried that people will leave 
tire tracks all over up there until a single route is established again.


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I was at Palm Springs 7th - 9th. No other parties.

I did notice a single set of tire tracks either leading to or coming from the direction of Steele pass. These were obviously made after the storm. Considering that the last 4 miles to the spring are currently extremely washed out, I wondered who would be so foolish as to venture up into such abject destruction, and in such godawful heat.

On the other hand, who could have made it out with anything less than a bulldozer? I hope those dipshits are alright. It's starting to get miserably hot.


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great video, thanks for sharing!

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The north eastern sections of Saline Valley toward Steele Pass received significant amounts of rain on the night of the 1st of July 2016. Lower and Palm Spring were flooded but not severely, see 4mi of the Bat Road closest to the springs washed yet remain in drivable condition. North and South Pass were unaffected as of 07/02/2016. Steele Pass Road north of the Upper Spring seems to have washed severely though as the storm was ragging there and in Eureka Valley. The washes were very active, the sound of boulders rolling could be heard all night. I did not venture up Steele and it promises to be an interesting drive. Look out for remains of a green Jeep Cherokee: three first-timers ventured up Steele only 1-2 hours before the storm hit - they did not return to camp that night or the next morning by 8am. Maybe they made it to the dunes?

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