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Given all the time and distance constraints, it sounds like a good decision to me.  Like Geo Mitch said, gotta do what ya gotta do.  Bet this story fit perfectly at Expo.
Geo Mitch

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Ya gata do what ya gata do.  It doesn't do much good to regret a decision that you can't go back and change although we all do it.  It is nice to have more control over the schedule (retired).

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Lots of good ideas here.  My enemy was time.  I was under contract to teach 8 sold out classes at Expo so missing that would have been rude AND expensive.  I could have gone to Expo and than back to Saline to deal with it except, again, time constraints, I needed to get back to Minnesota right after Expo.  Looking forward to tossing the watch and calendar some day soon and taking life as it comes!

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Wow! For $4700 I think I would have just dragged the trailer out as-is.

Or maybe try and improvise a way to skid it out of there.



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The fact that he wanted to be at the Overland Expo to teach was essentially the cost factor. If there was a luxury of time he could have driven out for the part and made the repairs himself. Personally 4k+ I'd have ditched the expo and saved some money. On the upside he helped fuel the local economy and no one died.

Sam D.

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I am curious how much the trailer is / was?
Would it have been cheaper to strip it down, take it apart and take the pieces out in a couple of trips?
Sparky of SoCal

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I'm thinking that plan B needs to be reviewed and placed into action. That kind of deal is simply a bummer and you just need to smile and try again.

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OK, after years of hearing stories of the infamous Miller's Towing of Lone Pine I have my own to tell. Folks at the springs last week may have seen John Miller drive through and up Steele Pass on Wednesday 5/16. He was going up to recover my off-road trailer that had broken an axle one mile south of the top of the pass. This is the same trailer that broke an axle in Striped Butte Valley 4 years ago. OK so maybe I have now learned my lesson... I have certainly paid for the lesson!  John Miller quoted me $3000 to go get the trailer.  He also warned it could cost much more depending on how long it took (he charges by the mile and time, different rate for on-road and off).  It took him 15 hours to get the trailer and he lost a tire and a rim on his fancy flatbed along the way.  Final cost: $4685. Plus repairs and parts and $219 to FedEx in the parts overnight. OUCH.  But I had no choice, I had to get to Flagstaff for the Overland Expo to teach (no, I don't teach risk assessment or "Making a good choice of roads to take").

Best part of the experience? Getting to hear a bunch of stories from John about crazy things he's had to rescue in the valley over the years... I guess I'm one of his stories now too.


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This was my first time down Steel Pass the road follows a wash, there were a ton of false or alternative roads. It was kinda confusing. The source told me the Ranger told the guy never to come back. I think this was embellishment.
Salt Peter

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I bet I know where the person was that got the citation. An old road that has been closed for a long time.

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Mid February up Dedeckera was fine. Steel pass was long and laborious but sweet. Saw a Vanagon at steel pass pretty amazing. If the source can be trusted a ranger wrote a ticket to a fella in a taco that was off the main road. I can't substantiate this as it's a second hand account now 3rd.

Back out there next week for some r&r.

Kevin Mokracek

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It may have been mentioned somewhere else in this thread but in the 80's you could drive a car through there with no problem.   I think a miner brought in dump truck loads of gravel and filled in all the fun parts so he could get to his claim easier.   Not too many years later a storm washed it back to the state it is in now.

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Yes, the videos and photos make Dedekera look more intimidating than it is. In my estimation, the deep sand on the road around Eureka Dunes required as much attention for a short distance ...



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If that FJ can do it I know my zuke can do it.

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Fantastic video! Thanks! Some of the steps look a bit challenging but having seen you do it in your FJ, makes me confident I can do it in mine too.
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