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So my girlfriend and i just got home from the springs. We originaly wanted north pass out, but last minute with no map and just an idea of what is on the steel pass we said why not. And drove out, after that very smooth road. I will never go any other way. There are only a few tricky spots but with good judgement you will be fine. We didnt need 4x anywhere. And the marble bath tub is a cool site!
Salt Peter

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Sunman great photos. Thank you for posting them. I'm so jealous of the FWC setups. One day! Seeing you making it through just brings a smile to my face.

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No problem navigating it in my double cab Tundra with Four Wheel Camper, I'm thinking you would be fine even though your rig is slightly bigger. I've seen video of a Sportsmobile doing it, though not unscathed.

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Thanks to everyone for your input!
Friends Jeep now has cut tire so need to get another tire for spare before going even in it. Loro

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I have a cab over camper and I won't do Steel with it.  I've done it a couple times without the camper, and there is one tight spot I am confident I couldn't pass without damage.  There is a rock overhang that's about the height of the roof of my truck and comes really close to hitting the truck, WITHOUT the added width of the camper.

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North Pass and Steele Pass are two different critters!
i when through the north pass around this time a year in 2010 my friends dad was driving a f250 with a 1 ton camper and we made it through fine granted the road was in perfect condition and hes a good driver

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How much do you value your body work and how much do you trust your potential spotters?  That one would be tight, but probably not impossible. 
Sparky of SoCal

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I think you are pushing it a bit with that set up. I am sure you could get through but I think the risk reward is not in your favor

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I have older F150 with off rd 31rig tires and Four Wheel popup cabover camper. Years ago did Steel Pass in my full size Bronco but want to know if extra height and length of my truck would make damage likely?
Thanks for any feedback.
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