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Came in via Hunter Mt / Lippincott / Saline Valley Road. Left via Steele Pass. All in great dry shape except good old Saline Valley Road still wash board and rough. Drive Slow!


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No problem, be sure to have a spare tire just in case. 

Driving ability aside how would a s10 blazer 4x4 2" on 30s hang on either trail??

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Came out through Steele Pass on 11/26/11 road was in excellent condition only two technical sections.  Lost a tire when my son was driving thankfully a crew of four trucks was behind me.  Got my spare changed and aired up and was a little concerned rolling with the spare through the Narrows but made it to Bishop for a new tire.  Each time I travel Steele Pass my truck always gets some kind of scare from scrapped rear bumper or in this case a flat tire.  My truck is a '94 Bronco a real trooper. Lessons learned on this trip let my 16 year old drive the dunes and check all my hoses and spark plug cables after the washboard out.  Had a vaccum hose and spark plug cable vibrate off.  Got me worried something major was happening glad it was something simple.  

The Drifter

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Steel Pass as of 09/17/2011; High Clearance 4WD required.  Road is excellent condition for High Clearance 4WD drive vehicle.   No washouts of anykind.  Worse part is pass, but nothing that has not been there before.

Sgt. Pepper

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went out through Steel pass 5 days ago, road is in good condition - took 2.5 hour from lower spring to Eureka dunes. bye, Werner


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A year ago last month I took my new 4x4 E-350 Ford Van Sportsmobile thru Steel Pass from Eureka Dunes to Saline Valley on its 4 wheeling maiden voyage. I am quite high off the ground and an extended body. Two little dings, one on the exhaust pipe and a scratch on the rear bumper. No big deal. I believe there would have been more problems going the other way, mainly with dragging.
What a wander ful trip that was. If anyone wants to check out some pictures, go to my website:  
This is my first post. What a great forum.
My wife and I have been going to the valley sense 1993, when ever we could get there. Great Place.


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I noticed it was a bit of a squeeze in our Jeep Wrangler.  I'm amazed you were able to make it through at all!  There's definitely a good reason to have a nice, reliable beat up older vehicle to have for trips into the desert.  At least then you don't have to worry about any cosmetic damage. 

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I actually just exited Saline through Steel Pass with the same E350 van model just 2 weeks ago because I had to in order to get out when snowed in.  I made it, but not without damage to my hub-caps and running boards.  Too long a wheel base and too wide to avoid contact.  I think I was one step away from being seriously stuck in the canyon 30 miles from help in any direction.  It was quite an adventure, but one better saved for a short wheelbase 4x4!  


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Went in Steel Pass on Friday the 25th, from Eureka to warm springs.  After Dedeckera Canyon, not hard at all.  Most of the road is smoother than most of Saline Valley Road.  No snow or mud in sight.


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After the dunes, there are no confusing forks, just a couple of short side jaunts. From the dunes to the Springs will take you about 3 hours. I would say you are much better off taking either South Pass which is likely passable. With 4wd and chains front and possibly rear (which you need to carry regardless, since you stated you are "very experienced" I suppose you have chains for both axles), North Pass is likely passable. The road to the Eureka Dunes may be less passable than Saline North Pass. There is no telling, until you get there.

Pic below is typical snow after a good storm at Lee Flat, about 4500-5000 feet.

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From Baja to the Arctic and all places in between. Saline Valley since 1982!


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I am heading out Friday evening and I have a couple questions for anyone kind enough to answer.
I am coming from Carson City (North).  I am very experienced with offroad driving, but have not been through Steele before.  Would it be faster going through Steele, or all the way down through the South Pass (which I would prefer not to do). 
Also, are there any forks or turns on Steele after the dunes that I might question, or second guess, or does the major trail prevail and take me where I want to go?
Thanks guys!

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id say the same thing. dually would be asking for major body work trying to come into steel........
Jeep XJ

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Have you driven Steele Pass?  You are asking for trouble with your truck and you don't need to go Steele anyway since trucks and RV's are going in the South Pass as of last monday 3/1 when I came out.  

All are planning on staying for a few weeks till the sludge, snow drifts and mud clears and they can go out the south pass.  If you want to get in and out Steele you need another rig with a short wheel base and something that is not so wide.   It may be shorter but Steele Pass is slower since you have to go very slow. 

You should not attempt Steele pass in your truck.  You will have problems going up the steps almost guaranteed.  The narrow overhang is going to be a problem and the sharp corner coming from the top of the mountain into valley is going to be dangerous. 

I drove in Steele Pass two weeks ago and out Lippincott last monday 3/1.  Trucks and RV's are going in the South Pass, so I recommend you should head in to the springs via the South Pass from 190. 


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I was wondering about this too.
We're headed out there on Thursday and Steel pass would be around 60 miles shorter than the South pass for us.  Looks like North pass is a no-go, so I was wondering about Steel.
I have a lifted 1ton dually, 4wd, no problems with clearance on height, just wondering about width or length. 
Any thoughts?
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