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came out south pass yesterday 3/5/18 on an adventure bike
no snow or ice on road great conditions

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On the chance of bringing this thread back to TOPIC... (Edited to fix photo)

Drove in/out via south pass this past week. 1/14/18 - 1/21/18.

Going in: Road condition is great. Inyo county road graders are parked on Santa Rosa Flat. There are a few holes on the sides of the road where rocks were moved during grading - watch out for them as they'll swallow tires. In the grapevine things were smooth and traveling was easy. The flats are small/medium washboard, but that's expected.

It snowed on Friday 1/19/18. Probably 1-2 inches on S. Pass. There was spots of ~1" of snow packed in the shady areas. Slick. 2WD vehicles and adventure bikes were having issues as it was in the steeper sections. The photo below was taken lower down. I had hands on wheel and remained driving higher up in the slick sections. I am assuming that it will be mid-week-ish before it thaws.


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Came out south pass yesterday, no snow or any trace, road clear

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Here's the full trip report....btw this isn't me.... i just found the link and shared it.

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Big Jeff

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80Rollover.jpg Found this at Sad end to someone's FJ80 | Page 4 | IH8MUD Forum
Salt Peter

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Looks like another rollover crash. This time on South pass. From all accounts people are ok but lost their dog.


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Drove from South to North today (190 to 168) in a Jeep Wrangler and smooth sailing to whole way -- no washboard to speak of and Bat Road was clear too.  Here's the view entering from the South.



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Had a great time at the Springs this last weekend. Came in through the South and in parts it was like a highway!!! SO nice. Helped a guy with a flat tire. Still rocky in places but sooooo much better and most of the washboard is gone. They are almost to Bat Rd

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Graders have almost made it to the Salt Tram as of today (from the direction of South Pass).  Smooth as glass from the bottom of Grapevine to there - for the moment.  Between Salt Tram and Bat Rock it is pretty heavy washboard.  In general at an appropriate speed a low rider could make it in via South Pass at the moment.
Kevin Mokracek

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South pass is being graded and they are working from the top down.  So far they are almost to the Lippencot road.  From Lippencot to the Patrick road it is very rough, typical compared to the North Pass.   I went in the South two days ago and went out the North.  The North is in very good shape.  

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What are you driving ??    The route  is fine for any 4X4 with some good clearance  in high range 4X4.  I did it in one hour forty five minutes on Friday and sunday.

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Just exited South pass today, Friday, 11/10. It was the worst I think I've ever seen it. Very rocky and bumpy.

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Came in & out on the south pass all is well as of 10-22-2017 rough as hell nothing new ....
Major Tom

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Please post any up to date information on the south pass in this thread. Anything older than 30 days will be subject to deletion as we go along.
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