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Syncro and Kevin have it right - I came out on Sunday - south pass has parts that ain’t fun - definitely seen it in better shape - but some parts are okay. Some surprise bumps out there on the valley floor - take it slow people or we’ll see more rollovers again like last year!

Have seen north pass in better shape imo - washboard on valley floor was not cool....

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Came out  south pass yesterday. Some parts worst I've  seen, some parts not so bad. Massive dust around Lee Flats. Please drive slow when passing other vehicles, unlike that white Tacoma that dusted us big time. No matter which pass you use, be ready for "surprise bumps", they're out there!
Kevin Mokracek

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I camped near the covered wagon group at the bottom of the South Pass on Tuesday.  They were going to try make it to the springs by Friday.  They also wanted to go up over Steel Pass and were prepared to break the wagon down and lower it down the steps if needed.  I can't imagine taking a wagon over Steel, IMO the section on the Saline side would probably give them more problems than the steps.  

As to the South Pass condition, true any car could make it if you take it slow but it's the worst condition I have seen it in in several years.  The washboard is particularly bad along with minor washouts what seemed like every 100 yards.   On the other hand the North Pass is in great shape.  I'll be taking the North in and out until the graders make their way to the South.  

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Drove out South Pass on Thursday, 10/25. Seemed better than other times I've driven it, some washboard here and there but imo nothing a regular car couldn't handle, driven carefully.

One surprise on our way from the Springs to the main road: we passed a settler-style wagon with four horses! From the tracks you could see they'd brought it in through South Pass. Rather them than me.

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Pretty easy drive taken gently on a pretty poor road as everyone has said.

What a wonderful place, first time in and we’re hooked.

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We drove out this way on Saturday and mdskier is exactly correct on description. It was 3 hours from Palm Springs to South pass with a few stops to admire the view and have some lunch. We were driving a 2013 Subaru Outback.

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SP is still in normal condition (5 days ago).  1st 8 miles from hwy 190 is very smooth. section
before the Salt Tram lake had groves due to many recent small washouts -just take it slow.
Some washboard in that area. hth
James Sel

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The SP has no snow, still no pavement, and has not been graded recently, its in normal condition. 

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We're going in on Sunday evening or Monday morning. I'd be grateful for any South Pass road updates from recent travelers.  Thank you!

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How badly was the pavement chewed up?

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I went in on the 19 and out on the 21st of September 2018 
There is a Road Closed sign @ hwy190 intersection probably due to a portion of the pavement being chewed up by recent floods a little bit in
Same conditions as always:
Easy from 190 to Hunter Mountains  17 miles 40 minutes
Ok from Hunter M. to Lippencott  10 miles 30 minutes
Very slow going from Lippencott to Springs 25 miles 2 hours
52 miles 3.10 hours
I drive very conservatively 
1998 four banger tacoma 4x4 {270k}
BF Goodridge ko2 @ 20 psi


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Came in South Pass 5/21/18  Road was in great shape. parts had been graded. Minimal washboarding.

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Drove out South Pass today. Good condition. A few washboard spots, pass was clear and they were starting on the 190 turn off with the graders again.

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Drove out south pass yesterday,  pass was in very good  condition.  Dry, with a few minor puddles after Thursday rain.

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South Pass  is dry with no snow or ice as of today.....even with last nights rain at the was a beautiful weekend out there....
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