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Went in via South Pass on Feb 29. All clear and in decent shape.


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Drove out lunchtime today (Thursday Feb 27) no snow, ice or other impediments.
Salt Peter

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There was a dusting of western face of the Inyo crest this past weekend. 4 inches will not last long in the sun exposed areas.
not a direct report, but met some people in Panamint Valley on Sunday who drove over Hunter Mountain and reported 4 inches of snow or so midday. Clouds stayed on the mountain all day and it rained in the panamint valley till midnight so be prepared for snow on South Pass again. 

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That was us Jim, never used 4WD either direction. Glad your friend got up and out safe.

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Came out south Sunday 2/9. Like the video shows there are icy sections in the shady areas. Washboard is particularly bad right before the spring road. Going in should be no problem even with 2wd. Going out one person in our parties 4wd did not work so he was slipping and sliding and had to be towed by me in the icy areas. A party that passed us said they never went into 4wd.
RC Pilot Jim

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Great video "Squirrel". Much smoother ride on your good suspension, I'm still going in the North though on Monday the 10th.Less washboard on the flats. Hope it doesn't snow Sunday night. Yes I have chains for my 4WD Tacoma. 
tonapah tom

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neet videio
Salt Peter

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Thanks for posting that up. Really nice. So different than a month ago. I still wouldn't want to be in a 2wd on the way out.
What system do you use for filming? The picture in picture is pretty cool.

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Really nice video.

Thanx squirrel.
The Squirrel

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Exited South Pass Sunday, 2/2/2020.  2WD likely wouldn't even need chains.

3-minute video showing the worst of it: 

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I appreciate the motorcycle report.... thank you!

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Drove in wednesday via south pass. My opinion is no concern with a good 4wd. I believe chains would still be appropriate/required for 2wd. Lighter motorcycles 990, klr650, wr 250 took some spills. Certain icy sections basically required just to muscle and walk through. I assume the same would be required to head back up plus more. As of Wednesday I would not recommend motorcycle on south pass.
San Felipe

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I went in South Pass the morning of 10 January. I went in using four-wheel drive starting at the Hunter Mountain turn and kept it in for probably a little over three miles. I was in low range and had about 44% of my highway tire pressure with good tires driving on thick, packed snow. Two or three times my back end slid toward the ditch. I have a heavy truck (9,200 lbs loaded). The packed snow was pretty continuous over that distance.

I came out South Pass yesterday evening (12 January). About three miles north of the Hunter Mountain turn, I hit a steep section that has become ice. It appeared that vehicles had been spinning their way up and had made big scallops in the ice. I lost traction in four-wheel drive and slid back down while my tires were still turning forward. I put on one pair of chains in the rear and had no further difficulties. The snow was no longer continuous, but was hard and slick where it was present and didn't take off my chains until I got to the Panamint Valley overlook.

The washboard on the valley floor is getting pretty bad, in my opinion.

There were not many people at the lower springs when I left; maybe six or so.

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I'm surprised that rotopax and wheel are still there. It saw it in the middle of the road Jan 5th when existing. I had to get out my vehicle to move it. I was going to take it with me and see if I can see the owner while exiting. I noticed the Rotopax leaking fuel with a pinhole leak so I decided against it since I did not want to smell up my truck.
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