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Sam D.

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This is a somewhat irresponsible post. I hit the bottom of my 4runner twice on the way in and it is a miracle I did not shred my offroad tires. Yes, you can make it in a Yaris if willing to work for it but should you? Preparedness is the key and I did not get it from your post.

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Drove in last Thursday, and out today, and the road is a piece of cake. If you're a competent driver you could do it in a rented Yaris, slowly and carefully. The only benefit in a big 4x4 rig is comfort, and the ability to deal with sudden changes of weather.

IMG_8955a.jpgThe bolder is crazy big, and heavy, but it's also super easy to drive around.


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Does one need to have a 4x4 rig to make it over the South Pass?  Was it graded recently?

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Update on the south pass. Yes there is a big boulder partially blocking the road. However a truck with a camper using caution can pass the boulder. The road is primarily dry.

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Hi mesa was nice to meet the four of you.  Wow I got lucky when I left on sunday.....perfect road and no boulders!!
Mesa Woman

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Left on Saturday the 9th and there is a boulder in the road just South of Hunter Mountain intersection but ppl have dug around it. Trailers will have a harder time.
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Left the springs this morning. The south pass is pretty muddy and slippery, and a huge boulder in the middle of the path in the rockslide area, (4ft by 4ft ish) I was able to squeeze by in a full size suv but did damage the side of the vehicle. I moved a lot of the smaller boulde

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Left the springs this afternoon.  South pass was a pleasant drive and no impediments to forward progress.  It was raining when I climbed out... and probably got a good dump today.

Two graders were driving out toward CA190 as well.

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Not my report, but spotted this on FB- 

"South Pass Road Report - 3/03/19

Just talked with a friend that came out from South Pass this afternoon. He was at Lee Flats and said S. Pass is wide open.

The big boulder that partially blocked the road, south of the Hunter Mtn turn-off has been removed and the area graded.

There were a loader and grader at the top of the pass. Three days ago the loader and grader was at the entrance of 190 and Saline Valley Rd. So it looks like they're grading from South to North Pass."


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Reviewing the website this morning I discovered the post I put up for the south pass was not here. So here is a recap that is for Monday the 2/25. At the top of the pass the BIG rock was still there. The grade (I call it winnabago grade from the time a mini winnie was very stuck and we had to rescue it) was muddy and rutted with little snow. With caution I was able to get my camper by the rock. Highly recommend 4 wheel drive and good clearance. There are washouts and ruts until you are below the steep part. The rest is rough and heavy washboard. 
Major Tom

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As of 2/22, reports from in the valley indicate a few inches of snow on the south pass. Very icy in the shadows. This morning a 2WD without chains was unable to climb the pass, and turned around to resume camping at the springs.  Lots of washouts to look out for, as well as a REALLY BIG rock that would be hard to miss, but hopefully everyone will miss it in the good way.

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I drove out the South Pass yesterday (2/19/19) afternoon.  There's not much to report.  The big boulder is still there, but there's plenty of room to get around it.  I didn't see any mud or snow anywhere.  There is one washout on Lee Flat that could do some damage, but it's clearly marked with road cones.  Other than that, normal conditions the whole way.

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This link will take you to multiple time lapse videos of various roads through out the park, Some of which you will be on If it is not appropriate to cross post from another forum here let me know and I will delete


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South pass is in good shape. Little ice, but nothing a 4x4 can't handle.

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Lippincott does indeed "T" off Saline Valley Rd and heads East(?).


     Here is the thread on water;

You might want to PM dunklecreature and share info. Also the "road" around Eureka Dunes it will be fine until you reach the camping area and after that it will be fine deep sand, expect to walk a mile or more. Can/will you stash water at the dunes?
    May can be iffy weather but expect dry air and drinking more than anticipated. The 80K from Crankshaft to Warm Springs won't be too bad because from Steele Pass to the springs is basically downhill, a rough, rocky, beautiful downhill. Going to stop at the bathtub, petroglyphs?

    Day 2......I haven't been on Saline Rd since they started grading it, hopefully some one who has can chime in, Expect loose sand and small rocks, there was one section that is a straight shortcut that goes through some fesh-fesh. Is that still there?

    Lippincott will be a loooooong grind in mostly first gear and will take at least a couple of hours.

Back to the stashing water at the base of Lippincott, There should me some youtube videos showing South Pass I don't have any that focus on it, I do have this one that shows some of it starting around the 16.00 mark.
   By May you might be able to drive to Lippincott and cache water. You will have to keep an eye on the forums/weather.
   As far as riding down and then back up to cache water, I just made this and I hope you can access it;  It shows 3985 change in elevation in 10.43 miles, so one heck of a climb but not as bad as Lippincott. It does 1905' in 7.01m.

Anywho, that's my thoughts, Have fun and let us know how it went.
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