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This is Grapevine, but looks to be a ways down.  I would imagine a bit more up higher in the shade past the junction  .  The curvy road down and around the lookout to the Hunter jct had complete coverage.  And looks icy and this was late morn I believe Tues.  That's the best I can do without being there.  20161227_110826.jpg



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Socalsteve: Any reports on how it looks going down Grapevine Canyon into the valley? 

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There is snow on south pass around Hunter Mtn jct as of a couple days ago.  Friend sent picture showing thin but complete coverage at the Panamint Valley overlook turnout, and some other section along down Grapevine Canyon.  He stated that he drove in 4wd and was still quite slippy. Check weather as there is a bit of rain and maybe light snow this evening ...
It looks like this  20161227_104735.jpg 


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Any snow on the south pass?  pic would be helpful [biggrin]

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We drove out the South Pass on Nov 27, 2016 at about 10am.  There was some precipitation and an inch or two of snow on the road.  It looked like there was more precipitation on the way.  The road itself was in great condition.  

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I saw a comment earlier downplaying the need for 2 spare tires if you have E load range. Well, I have been doing hard offroad work for 30 years and have had several cases where I needed the 2 spares because of an old nail, hidden rock, etc (and I drive carefully and slowly). I would just not encourage people, especially newbees, to back off the safety stuff. Just my opinion because what other people do does not impact me directly (of course most of us have rescued such people). Cheers all.
Lord Jim

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Thanks for the advice  Big Daddy 
went in on the South Pass out on the North Pass 
no trouble  washboard and wallows but nothing bad
Ill be back in April of 17  hope for  good conditions

Farmer Dean

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Went in North and came out South a couple of days ago. All is well. No wash outs, no surprises. Wash board is very tolerable.


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Indirectly I've heard both roads are in good shape as of last week (monday) - but if anyone else has come out recently an update would be appreciated!
Taco truck

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If anyone returning from Halloween weekend could post a road update for the south pass, I'd appreciate it

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Perfect today

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Dropping your tire pressure to 10 psi or less will usually get you out of deep sand. The problem is when you're in what I call "silt". Tires won't "float" on silt, no matter how much air you let out. Best to just go around if possible.

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What about lowering tire pressure ? Seen it done at the beach, lot's of sand.

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I was just there two weeks ago.  Some people have started a bypass to the left side of the sandy area.    Pay attention and have  a tow strap along.  

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I have a question for those that have gone to the springs recently.  It appears there is some soft sand before the bat pole.  Over the past 2 trips I go in with my buddy Bill, he drives my 4WD Dodge and I drive my 2WD Ford F-150.  Is it ok to still do this?  If i got stuck with the Ford could I use the Dodge to pull me out of the sand?  

Bottom line is I just want to know if it's too risky to drive the 2WD Ford F-150 through that sand patch?
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