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Sam D.

Posts: 662
I think it's a bit early to inquire for Sept visit. 
Often roads get washed out late in Aug.
I've heard from somebody that S. Pass was passable 2 weeks ago. The guy spent $40K to upgrade his rig so I never liked his "the road was easy" reports ;-)
By the way he mentioned some plastic handle melting on his gear.

James Sel

Posts: 316
Don't worry its still not paved. Have fun.

Posts: 9
Greetings - anyone been in the South Pass lately? If so, how were the road conditions? Im going in in Sept. 

Posts: 3
Came in South Pass 17-Apr.  A bit bumpy, but no major issues.  Like always, take it slow.

Posts: 31
I am in Bishop--storm is supposed to pass more to north with forecast in Lone Pine and Ridgecrest pretty light; fairly warm storm. Cold is supposed to drop in Saturday night.

Posts: 1
Hi.  I was planning on heading in on Saturday morning (April 8).  I am wondering if the coming storm (due Friday night) is expected to impact conditions in South Pass.  I am mostly concerned about snow/ice making road conditions difficult, or about meltwater/rain causing washouts or unpassable washes.

Can you recommend any resources for monitoring weather conditions that might affect the pass?

Vehicles will be two dual sport motorcycles and a Subaru Outback.  I have never driven this road before.


Posts: 29

I was driving in on the pass as the injured bike rider was being driven out. 

As I drove out on the 2nd, I almost collided with 2 vehicles that were going way too fast driving in.  The first a jeep wrangler, around a corner near the salt flats.  And another jeep a bit later on.  Seriously slow down!  I know if you go a bit faster on the washboards it feels smoother, but at least slow down for the corners.  It's not a sanctioned rally race people! 

Washboards are really bad right now.  Super bumpy.

Just say no to shirtcocking, or donald ducking! [biggrin]

Posts: 10
A young man on a motorcycle inbound to South Pass on Friday collided with an outbound vehicle, mildly injuring the bike rider, and requiring he be transported to Panamint Springs, along with his bike, so his injuries could be tended to.  
Just another warning to all, to be cautious and careful on these narrow back country roads.

Posts: 20
Travelled south pass Sunday 26th March - no major obstacles but the washboard is as bad as anything I've driven in the past 5/6 years or so....just my experience....

Avatar / Picture

Posts: 76
Traveled the south pass on Wednesday the 15th. No snow or large boulders. The road is rough with rocks and lot's of washboard but no serious problems. 

Posts: 10
Washboard roads are usually not from the grading equipment.  Any speed over about 5mph will cause eventual washboarding, especially with heavier vehicles and larger tires.

To reduce the washboard, vehicles would have to travel somewhat below the threshold of 5mph, for the entire 40-50 mile dirt road length - about 8-10 hours or more travel time, one way!
RC Pilot Jim

Posts: 43
Went out Sat the 17th. There has been no recent comments because the road and pass are as good as before the rain. Well except for the horrible washboard on the section between the Tram and where the road turns to climb the hill...well maybe a little further than that. 

Anyway as I was driving across the "berm" shoulder at about 8:30am going south and looking over at the washboard and noticed the pattern was consistent bank to bank and wondered if the county grader had "tank tracks" not tires?? That might account for its severity.

Pop up camper on Tacoma 4WD aired down to 28 pounds. Time 2.5 hours to the summit. 3 hours to pavement. average speed 14.5 mph. Now that North is open going to go that way in the future.

Posts: 8
Looks like someone removed the boulder. I went out on South Pass last night, 3/7/2017, it was dark but I didn't see the boulder.  

Posts: 3
OK I used 2WD and never lost traction or had my tires spin, i.e. the road was not "extra torn up" by me, nor was it necessary to waste fuel using 4x4. The road was in fine condition.

Posts: 49
Just came out the pass today.  No snow or mud at all.  The boulder is just north of the Hunter Mt turnoff and shouldn't be a problem for anyone.  It is the biggest rock I have seen fall onto the road in a long time.  Only 15 vehicles at the springs this weekend....
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