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Pretty easy drive taken gently on a pretty poor road as everyone has said.

What a wonderful place, first time in and we’re hooked.

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We drove out this way on Saturday and mdskier is exactly correct on description. It was 3 hours from Palm Springs to South pass with a few stops to admire the view and have some lunch. We were driving a 2013 Subaru Outback.

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SP is still in normal condition (5 days ago).  1st 8 miles from hwy 190 is very smooth. section
before the Salt Tram lake had groves due to many recent small washouts -just take it slow.
Some washboard in that area. hth
James Sel

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The SP has no snow, still no pavement, and has not been graded recently, its in normal condition. 

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We're going in on Sunday evening or Monday morning. I'd be grateful for any South Pass road updates from recent travelers.  Thank you!

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How badly was the pavement chewed up?

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I went in on the 19 and out on the 21st of September 2018 
There is a Road Closed sign @ hwy190 intersection probably due to a portion of the pavement being chewed up by recent floods a little bit in
Same conditions as always:
Easy from 190 to Hunter Mountains  17 miles 40 minutes
Ok from Hunter M. to Lippencott  10 miles 30 minutes
Very slow going from Lippencott to Springs 25 miles 2 hours
52 miles 3.10 hours
I drive very conservatively 
1998 four banger tacoma 4x4 {270k}
BF Goodridge ko2 @ 20 psi


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Came in South Pass 5/21/18  Road was in great shape. parts had been graded. Minimal washboarding.

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Drove out South Pass today. Good condition. A few washboard spots, pass was clear and they were starting on the 190 turn off with the graders again.

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Drove out south pass yesterday,  pass was in very good  condition.  Dry, with a few minor puddles after Thursday rain.

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South Pass  is dry with no snow or ice as of today.....even with last nights rain at the was a beautiful weekend out there....

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came out south pass yesterday 3/5/18 on an adventure bike
no snow or ice on road great conditions

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On the chance of bringing this thread back to TOPIC... (Edited to fix photo)

Drove in/out via south pass this past week. 1/14/18 - 1/21/18.

Going in: Road condition is great. Inyo county road graders are parked on Santa Rosa Flat. There are a few holes on the sides of the road where rocks were moved during grading - watch out for them as they'll swallow tires. In the grapevine things were smooth and traveling was easy. The flats are small/medium washboard, but that's expected.

It snowed on Friday 1/19/18. Probably 1-2 inches on S. Pass. There was spots of ~1" of snow packed in the shady areas. Slick. 2WD vehicles and adventure bikes were having issues as it was in the steeper sections. The photo below was taken lower down. I had hands on wheel and remained driving higher up in the slick sections. I am assuming that it will be mid-week-ish before it thaws.


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Came out south pass yesterday, no snow or any trace, road clear

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Here's the full trip report....btw this isn't me.... i just found the link and shared it.

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