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Came in via South Pass on 4-12 in a moderately built Wrangler.  It is a beautiful (fun in the right vehicle), but brutal drive, lots of wash boarding when you get down to the valley floor.  Went out the north pass 4-15 and it is much more smooth.

I posted this in the North Pass forum, but it goes doubly here for the South Pass - don't think about attempting this in a low clearance vehicle that doesn't have LT rated tires, and a full sized spare, as well as a patch kit and a portable tire inflator.  Use the excuse of going to one of the most beautiful paces on earth to buy yourself some new tires so you can safely make the trip.

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Drove in south pass on 4/7 - dry and easy over the pass but the washboard was brutal. We left out the north pass and I'd have to say that was more pleasant.  
tonapah tom

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you travel them at your own risk..get stuk your fault..good luck..
CX-5 here.  Note to crossover drivers - your undercarriage will be knocking down babyhead rocks in the center of the high clearance trails if your car has 8" of clearance or less, so pick your lines carefully.  And strongly consider mounting some AT tires if you don't have them already.  You'll worry less about needing a tow that approaches the cost of your vehicle.  That said, I had a blast.

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Left via South Pass on Saturday 3/30. Lots of washboard, one large boulder that was easy to go around. Washboard was annoying, even with my Tacoma's tires aired down. We had a Mazda CX5 with us on highway rubber and they made it no problem, although I can't say I recommend street tires out there. 
Yes!  We were heading out of Warm Springs on Sunday and stopped to talk to a family in an older Jeep XJ diesel (rare), they were heading to warm springs and mentioned they left their buss half way.  We had no idea they were talking about until we got the junction of South Pass and Hunter Mt. and spotted the converted city buss.  Wow!  

We turned left and headed over Hunter Mt. which is clear of snow and mud.  The road was in good condition.  Safe travels.

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South Pass is bumpy and clear. Boulder 2.0 has been moved and there's no clearance issues for large vehicles or trailers now. Anyone know what's up with the former city bus parked at the hunter mountain junction? Drove out yesterday afternoon and didn't see anyone around it.

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In 2 days ago - out today via north. One guy with a long campervan on his pickup had to turn around and come in north as didn’t have the turn radius to get around the boulder. Another with a Jeep towing a bushwacker camper made it with inches to spare around the boulder - flexibility is everything!

I found north route easier compared to south - very little washboard on north but you have recent snow to deal with - see photos in north pass thread - 4wd and high clearance only right now for the north pass imo.

Driving a lifted cruiser with 4wd.
tonapah tom

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no problem..go slow
Came out today, March 20th in a Subaru Outback. No problem. I do drive slow and careful. Washboard is very bad at times and decent ground clearance a big plus.
Sam D.

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Few off-road rated trailers made it on Sat. As far as the washboard .... I found it was really bad and maddening on the valley floor. There was no escape. The stretch along Devil's Golf Course was pretty rough.
There are few ruts between tracks in the canyons that eventually crossed the road. I was too lazy to pile some rocks to cross hoping I had enough clearance and hit my suv bottom 2-3 times.

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How's the washboard? I'd like to tow a teardrop in this weekend. I've done it a few other times, just wondering about thoughts with the current conditions. Thank you!


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Went out South Pass March 19 - very good road, light washouts in the switchbacks to the pass, and one medium boulder just past the top, not too tough to drive around.  About 2 hours from the Palm springs to 190 pavement. 

Note to Sierra: 
see the following link:
Salt Peter

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It isn't a good thing to suggest that a Yaris can make it in/out. You may have had no problem but the person using a rental "car" is often someone who doesn't understand the inherent risks of off-road travel. Every year I see vehicles that "make it" and every time I shake my head. Why people would roll the dice is beyond me.

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Sounds like you were on a different road to me, I've been on a lot of bad mountain roads in my time, and this just isn't what I'd call a bad road.

Not sure how you'd hit the bottom of a Four Runner when my 22 year old Land Crosier glided over everything without any problem at all. Maybe can I suggest getting some off road driving lessons?

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