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Any word on South Pass for thanksgiving?
11/6/2011 made the passage up to South Pass from the Lippincott intersection (came down the Lippincott from Racetrack). Wow! From reading on here I thought the Grapevine Canyon section was going to be bad, like have some serious 4X4 spots. I was on a motorcycle, but really, it's not that bad - I would think just about anything with decent clearance would be fine. A little snow sticking to the road in the upper mile. The narrow canyon section of SVR southwest of the Hunter intersection has a few washout rocky spots but they are just rough - not bad, not technical in the least.
Perhaps it's bad for going 25-50 mph


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I heard from some friends, that made the trip on Friday, that from the springs to Lippincott is still rough (they didn't go up Grapevine). He described sudden drop offs and wash outs, and what usually took one hour to travel took two hours in slightly lifted Land Cruisers.

Any updates on Saline valley rd? we're heading out this coming wknd (Nov 11-13th). Thx.


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We'll be coming in on the weekend of the 28th through the South Pass. Coming in from Vegas, so the other routes in are just too far. We have a very capable Toyota 4X4 pickup with higher than normal ground clearance and a rear locker. Doesn't appear, at this time, to be any adverse weather in the forecast between then and now, so I guess the South Pass will be what it is. I'll post our experience with pics upon our return.


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Got the itch real bad to get out there.  I'm going to try and get out this week.  Judging by some of the posts on South Pass I guess I'll go in North Pass even though I'm coming from the south.  Updates on road conditions to follow.


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A pair coming from the salt lake today said about 4 hours from the lake to the highway. So conditions have not changed much since 09/21/11 (see Ban above), at least from the Pannamint overlook.
I heard or saw about 6-8 go in, with high clearance and an adventurous spirit.
Sam D.

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Small correction to #32 - North Pass is not graded 100%. Only the first 15 miles or so have been graded. I still recommend high clearance 4x4 for N. Pass.

# 32  last entry  sept.15 2011 oops. HAPPY EQUINOX.


sept 15 south road,above lee flats bad,lookout bad, grapevine bad,hunter canyon washout very bad, lost wapashaws again,valley floor many washes,2 water crossings,slow going with lots of clearance 4by4's only.,Good news north pass just graded, wacoba deep but passable, below willow creek few washouts but passable. worth the trip as allways.

The Drifter

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SOUTHPASS as of 09/17/2011- Road is washed out in many areas, especially above Lee Flats and passed Hunter Mtn cutoff – but road is present.   On the valley floor, especially near the salt flats, very rocky and lots of debris.  High Clearance is highly recommended.    

I took southpass with a High Clearance 4WD Toyota Tacoma and bottomed out many times. I had to go into 4WD near Hunter Pass and near the salt flats.

 Sgt Pepper

Sam D.

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The latest eyewitness report from this Monday is that S. Pass takes about 3.5 hrs from the pavement. Still lots of rats and rough spots. Off-road tires punctures are the norm.

The road to the springs once you leave Saline Waucobia(Wachobia ?)  Rd is in terrible shape. That part took me almost 30 min by itself. The road from the Bat Pole has washed out. The new road is very rocky and requires a higher clearance vehicle. I fixed 2 spots which I thought would give my SUV a hard time. I scraped a muffler in one spot. So if you are coming in a low clearance vehicle, be aware. You will need a shovel in a few places. 
Major Tom

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the secret has been out for decades. I see less current use of the springs than ever, over my thirty years in the valley. Lets get back to making this about road reports and not publicity issues. I'm just sayin.
A Cabin Dweller

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Almost every time I go to the springs I met people that are there for the first time. I always make them feel welcome when I encounter them. I like to see trips shared but there are limits. Advertising the springs will likely in time lead to over crowding.

I'm Just say'en

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Sarah Jane, you have proven my point.  I didn't like the New York Times article either, for exactly the same reason I don't like your Yelp post.  But we now know, after your post here, that the Times article increased traffic to the springs by people who would otherwise not have known about it.  How many more were there?  

As for it being elitist to think it's a bad idea to advertise the existence of the place, it is a fact that the springs can handle only very few people.  It's not Burning Man.  A post on Yelp that is as positive as yours can only do harm to the place.  That post cannot help in any way to preserve what I so value about it and which you yourself seemed to like.

SV is already being watched by the Park Service for misbehavior and a lot of people think there is an ongoing risk that the Park could make big changes out there with disastrous consequences.  SPA functions pretty successfully to keep the Park on a reasonable footing in this regard.  

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