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i did south pass and hunter mountain road on thursday the 28th with a very loaded kawasaky klr 650. the pass is in its usual bad shape with some naughty parts but it is doable for two wheel drive cars (i've talked with people at the springs and they drove suburus and prius) just move the rocks out of the way and BE VERY CAREFUL with your tires. hunter mountain still have some snow and muddy sections. i would not do it on a two wheel drive because the mud poses a real risk of getting stuck. no problem with my klr. it was actually fun.
sorry just saw the other sections of the forum for ride shares!
If anyone is going up Thurs evening/Friday day. my girlfriend and I would be greatly appreciative of a ride, I don't think our Honda sports car will make it right now, unless people think we can do it.  We'd really love to be able to enjoy this special spot somehow.  Cheers!
yeah, i read about the washboard and washouts. the kind of motorcycle i have does not have too much problems with that, but snow on steep roads is a problem for me. but i probably won't know until i get there...

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Have you read all the posts about the bad condition of the road from the south?  It's a mess and you have to go very slow.  I would think it would be worse on a motorcycle than in a car or truck, unless you're actually looking for washouts, heavy washboard, etc.  If so, go for it.
is there still snow at the south pass? last time i went there, a month ago, there was enough snow to be a problem for motorcycles.

i'm planning a motorcycle trip to saline valley this week. any update on the conditions of the south pass would be great!
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Used the North Pass 3/12 in, 3/16 out, but talked to folks that came in the South Pass.  No work done on it, still bad washboard and rough where its not washboard.  Truly "road misery".  High clearance recommended.  One driver reported 4 1/2 hours to get in, North Pass would probably be quicker even coming from the southland.   

Went to Saline on 01/13.  North Pass was excellent condition but might have issues because of the rain and snow in the forecast.  South Pass was a little slow going but not a problem for a high clearance vehicle.  Lippincott was in really good shape-you need 4 wheel and high clearance, but, all in all, it was in great shape.


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About a week ago, I went in South Pass, it was a a fair amount more rubble strewn than normal. Usually South Pass, as long as there is no snow or ice, is drivable in a sedan, but now due to rocks and sand, I'd say 4wd high clearance is best.  I drove out North Pass which is the best I have seen it in 30 years, piece of cake. There was several small sedans and a Prius in camp. I did not go up Lippincott but I know others who did. It was fine. Not much changes on Lippincott.

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Hi All, Happy New Year.  I was wondering if anyone was out there last weekend and has a update on road conditions (South, North and Lippincott). Thanks.


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I went in South and out North.

South Pass from 190 to the top of Grapevine was actually worse last year at Prez weekend after the road washed out above Lee Flat... and I took my VW Rabbit through that with no problem. Top of Grapevine had a good bit of ice but I had to really stab my brakes to get the truck to slide; going up may be more difficult however. There are more washouts on the flats near the salt tram and in the area around the marsh but overall not what I'd call horrible and everything's been beaten down with all the traffic. I'd certainly take my Rabbit through again if it were my only choice. It took just short of 3 hours from 190 to the springs.

North was a breeze, almost boring. This was my first time on North Pass so I figured it was time I got familiar with the route, just in case. There was some ice toward the top as well but no problem getting through in 2wd on BFG AT's. I was following someone's chain tracks, so either they were playing it safe or had trouble with street tires (I'm betting on the former). You could take a lowrider through the North but you might get hung up on Bat Rock rd.



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The word from all the campers who came in South Pass was it was an aweful slow go.  Drive a little further to Big Pine and take North Pass.


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Anyone drive the South Pass this past weekend? How were the conditions? I'll be driving it in about 3 weeks.

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And there's a wet storm headed this way for Thanksgiving too - so go prepared to stay maybe longer than you wanted to....

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The south pass is in the worst condition that've I've ever seen it in the 15 years I've been going to Saline.  Once you're past Lee flat the road is slow going from there all the way to the springs road.  It's at least an hour longer drive than the North pass.  So if you hate a rocky slow going trip, take the North Pass.

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