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And P.S., mine wasn't even the first review to be posted...
Aw, I'm sorry you all don't like my posting a Yelp review of this place. I did debate putting it up there, but I decided that the length and condition of the road would keep 99.9% of people from even attempting to go out there. Like someone said, the road is a 50-mile bullshit filter.

But think about it: that article in the NY Times was read by WAY more people, and did that really increase traffic to an unacceptable level? That article is how I myself learned about the springs...if I hadn't read that, I might never have heard of it, and I would have missed out on an awesome adventure. 

I understand you guys want to keep the springs to "yourselves," but don't you find that a bit elitist and contrary to the spirit of peace and harmony that seems to define your oasis? 

I am keeping my review up because I stand by my original assessment. I don't think anyone half-assed is going to attempt that journey, so you all have little to worry about.


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completely agree with you trona. I saw that link to "yelp" and cringed. If it's not removed can we all go vote the place down? I've never even been to "yelp" so I have no idea how it works.


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I for one, wish Unregistered (Sarah Jane) hadn't yelped the Saline Valley warm springs, particularly if it's given 5 stars as a place to go.  The only thing that protects the place is its remoteness, terrible quality of the roads out there and the fact that it is fairly invisible on maps and to the general public.  It used to be completely invisible and only word of mouth brought new people out there.  Putting up a yelp review only attracts more people.  

Sarah Jane, if you really like the place and want it to keep its character, pull down the yelp review and slow the throngs from coming out there.

I'd be interested in what other people think.
I went in on the South Pass on April 25, 2011... it was rough, but doable in my 2WD truck. I just drove very sloooooowly...between 5-10mph the entire way. A test of patience to be sure, but totally worth it as I suffered no flat tires or broken shocks :-)

I went in on the South Pass on April 25, 2011... it was rough, but doable in my 2WD truck. I just drove very sloooooowly...between 5-10mph the entire way. A test of patience to be sure, but totally worth it as I suffered no flat tires or broken shocks :-)

I went in the South Pass a couple weeks ago, and it is ROUGH to say the least.  In my opinion, it is far better to go in and out via the North pass, even if coming from LA or the Southern routes.  The risks of vehicular damage are distinctly less when using the North pass I find.  Safe travels!

I'ver driven my 2 WD 1989 VW Westfalia on both the North and South pass roads several times and never had problems. The vehicle does have fairly high clearance though. Just don't be in a hurry and drive slowly and you'll be fine in your Westy.

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I wouldn't drive a regular 2wd to the hot springs unless it just happens to have all terrain tire on it. In general north pass is less of hazardous than the south. It's no place to go unprepared. I've see many 2wd trucks there in the pass. Not to many people risk it in a car. I've seen maybe 5 2wd cars out there in total over the years.  I do remember a guy driving out of the south pass along time ago with 4 flat tires. and a couple were down to the rims. he said he wan't ready 4 help he only had 6 more mile to the hwy190. then he would hitch- hike. to Lone Pine.  

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What a great adventure that must have been. I can only imagine dragging a ("off road"?) 5th wheel in thru the South Pass for 8 hours and then spend the next 5 hours pulling what is left of it out the North Pass. All done the same day due to "conditions with our vehicle".  What a great day trip that must have been.  Please, post some pics.........

Came in the South pass yesterday. Road conditions were terrible! Looked as though the road hasn't b een plugged after LAST years floods. Took us 8 hours to get in with our 5th wheel, modified for off road use. Conditions with our vehicle required we leave the same day. Went out the North pass. Conditions were MUCH better. Took us 5 hours to get out.

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Are you renting the 15 pass vans?  If so, check your contract to see if driving on dirt roads is allowed.  Usually it isn't.  And boy, is this road dirt!!
Do you understand that the road passes through Grapevine Canyon and drops about 5000 ft. in so doing - one lane, hanging on the side of the canyon, sharp turns in some places, rocky, etc.  Be sure to use the very lowest gear going down and easy on the brakes!  The road across the valley is horrid washboard all the way to the springs.... not a lot of fun.  Several side roads, not always a lot of signs which road goes where.  You can follow it using Google Earth.

Really, Mesquite (paved road) near Scotty's Castle might be a better option - takes way less time to get there, and MUCH easier on your vehicles, whether rented or yours!  More to do - places to go, no nudity, etc.  

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Welcome to the forum SuperScoutMaster.  I'm curious if you and the parents of your boy scouts understand there will for certain be nudity at the hot springs?  Nothing sexual, but the boys and their parents should be prepared.  It's just the preferred way of soaking.

There are lots of open spaces for camping around the Palm Springs.  Just no camping inside the rocks surrounding the hot tubs.  There are firepits for cooking but we do ask that you pack out your coals/ashes as well as your trash.

The springs are also worthy of a "donation" of toilet paper, bleach, etc.  You can find a thread about that elsewhere here.

Also, there is no way to contact anyone while out there so you'll need to be prepared (hmmm shouldn't be a problem if you follow the motto).  You'll need a good first aid kit (you're pretty much on your own out there), break down supplies for if you have vehicle issues.  You may wish to have chains for snow (the roads aren't plowed so you have to wait for it to melt) and if the weather traps you, you should have extra food.  The water is safe to drink but it is slightly salty.  There is a plumbed kitchen sink for doing dishes and a shower screened off with plants but not totally private.  But where else do you have such a wonderful view while you shower!

Also, be prepared for 2-3 hours of washboard driving and watch for washed out sections of the road.

Happy Soakin'!
We drove through the valley, in South Pass Friday 3/25 and out North 3/29, then around to the Race Track and through Hidden Valley to Hunter Mountain Road.  We were thankful to have chains on all four tires for the Hunter Mountain road but by the time we were where the Hunter Mountain Road meets with South Pass all the snow and mud was GONE.  The pass is completely open even to 2WD.  We know a 2WD drive Vanagon made it out on 3/28 and it has only gotten dryer since Monday.
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