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Rat Bastard

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Someone once said “chains mandator, whips optional”

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Would just like to chime in on cable chains....lots of experience driving on snow and ice but only have had to use chains a handful of times so I’m no expert. Bought cable chains for my Chevy s10 (31.5” BFG rugged terrain tires) and they were an immense help getting out north pass last week.

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During my recent visit I heard about an enterprising individual, I wish I could remember his name, that was leasing his chains to people so they could get out of the valley, on the condition that they give them to someone coming in who needed them and would bring them back to him. What a kind and resourceful person!

I may be butchering the details so if anyone has clarification or corrections I hope they chime in.

Sparky of SoCal

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Peter has it right. Better to be bitching about the chains being in the way of the cooler than to be whinning that you wished you had chains. Another quote I heard was " I was hoping we didn't need chains". WTF 
Salt Peter

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This was the first year I bought chains because I didn't want to "be that guy" stuck on a pass and not even attempting to remedy my own situation. Sadly not everyone is able to prepare. Better to have it and not need it right?
Sparky of SoCal

Posts: 116
I was surprised to even see the issue about the usefulness of cables as a option down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. That’s about all can say without upsetting someone.

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The Christmas snow caused a lot of discussion about traction assistance devices, and related issues like having to turn back, getting stuck, or get towed out, so I thought to share some experience and research.
First observation, which applies to all vehicles in all conditions, is have good tires with good tread.  Especially with four wheel drive you won't need chains if you have good deep tread.  In 15 years this was the first time I put on chains because of that.  This Christmas caught multiple vehicles at the springs deficient.
Several people were at the springs saying they could not find tire chains, so came in with cables instead.  ALL of the cables broke, cables are not chains.  Living at Tahoe I see many people come in from the city with cables, and ALL of them broke.
As to finding chains, my experience is WalMart had chains on the shelf for my Subaru with 17 inch wheels, my Dodge 2500 with oversize tires on 16 inch wheels, and my Titan with 18 inch wheels, and all with tensioners included, and other tensioners available.
Additional research shows had almost every variety of tire chains you could want, with free delivery or store pickup.  They have duty ranges including auto, light truck/suv and heavy truck or bus, and most of those ranges offered plain chain or bars added.  And tighteners were included or available.  What I did not see were repair kits, just some repair links.
Another site that had everything was  They even had the chains I am looking for my snowblower, and all of the heavy equipment sizes and types.
I hope this helps.
bob from tahoe
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