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Major Tom

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I think it is a good point of discussion. A real quick question, on my way out, would be .... how many no camping signs do we need on the lawn? (And what liability are they limiting??)
Jukebox Mark

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It is occurring to me that several elements of the current alternative chart that we are working on commenting on have signing components to them. Many people abhor the unnecessary proliferation of signs. From a legal standpoint, I recognize that signs provide more than just education; often they are the first line of defense in lawsuits claiming that an agency has done nothing to protect either the public or a resource. Because of this, I think it would be appropriate to discuss some ideas about the How's, Why's, and Where's of placing signs in order to better incorporate signage into our comments.

Just as a for instance, dplum discussed a specific kind of sign to be placed at the dish washing stations. His comment included WHO would design the sign, HOW the sign would be constructed, WHAT it might say, and WHERE it might be placed. I think this is a very good way to approach this. Even if you don't agree with the specifics, it gives you an idea of how to better focus your own ideas for the sign TO BE INCLUDED IN YOUR COMMENTS, and it will give the NPS the idea that you are actually invested in the process, not just a griper.

Ready, aim, fire.

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