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Sparky of SoCal

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One could harvest birds in the foothills and washes in the area and soak at night.

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How, exactly, would transfering the Saline Valley from NPS to BLM benefit the users?
Salt Peter

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LOL right.

Doubtful there's enough valuable resources in the area that would help motivate President Trump to fight Kommiefornia and its politicians to the degree that DVNP land would be shrunk.

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Trump is trying to reduce the size of 2 national parks: Bears Ears, and Grand Staircase-Escalante. If he wants to do that, maybe a concerted effort via the Saline Valley users would convince him to cut it loose from NPS? Bill Clinton added Saline to the Park. Trump loves to dis on Hillary, maybe he would love to rub Bill's nose in something too.
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