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Purge the hell out of it!!! Wait... Don't purge the stuff I posted. That should be left on here for eternity
Commando Paul

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Ditto that, Tom & Sam!  Sooner... [smile]
Sam D.

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Go for it. BTW, sorry to learn you lost your chains. No good deed goes unpunished. PM me your tire size. I got some chains from my prev. vehicle I can give you.

Sooner purge is better IMHO
Major Tom

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Greetings all ... fair warning - The road conditions topic is about to get dumped and restarted with categories for North Pass, South Pass, Lippincott, and Steele Pass. Too many threads, many outdated, and many off topic.  Do this sooner or later? (i.e.: before Christmas holidays or after New Years'?) Other topics in the forum will be undergoing similar overhauls and restarts. Let me know what you think on timing, and it shall be so!
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