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I tried the procedure described by RC Pilot Jim and again got a message "You do not have permission to perform this action".

Does anyone else have a suggestion about how to post a photograph?
RC Pilot Jim

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Procedure to add Photos:
1. From the "Reply to this topic button" Scroll down to the "More Reply Options" Button
2. Left click on button
3. Scroll down to the "attach files" button
4. Left click and follow the instructions

That will add the photos as a group on the bottom. I don't know steps to insert a photo in the text. 

Will those who know please advise the rest of us? Thanks.



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Another image of Racetrack snow from flickr dated 11/26/13 , really wish I was there with a roaring campfire and a turkey to slow roast!...and just take it all in.

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A little surprising that the County was working on Monday, 12/2/13.  It was my understanding that they normally work four 10-hour days, Tuesday-Friday. 

When I went in through the North Pass on 11/26, the dozer was at Whippoorwill Flat.  When I came out on 11/30/13, the dozer had been advanced to the bottom of the three mile grade, 23 miles in from the pavement, so there had been some movement forward. 

I tried to post a photograph of the hearty Bat Rock Road repair crew in action but I got a reply that I "do not have permission to perform this action."  Is this just because I'm Irish?  Is Major Tom mad at me?

How did Gene post the photo of the Racetrack under snow?

Can someone tell me how to post attachments, i.e. photos?

By the way, I failed to mention that I broke a sway bar during the trip.  I must have hit a rock.

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Two graders and a dozer were working the smaller washouts on the flat below the grade, still a good ways from Willow Creek yet.  I was happy to have the truck instead of the Subaru for the taller banks and bigger rocks.  I was afraid my long wheelbase would be an issue, but nary a scrape.
Bob from Tahoe
Sparky of SoCal

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That is a great picture,thanks.

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Some folks wanted a pic of the Racetrack under snow:

Attached Images
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From Baja to the Arctic and all places in between. Saline Valley since 1982!

Sam D.

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Thanks for the report. Have you noticed whether the bulldozer made it to the ditch by the Willow Creek?
How far did it move from the pavement?

Many thanks in advance

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I went in on 11/26/13.  I came out yesterday in my 1997 Subaru Outback, which has only 7.5-inches of clearance. 

The first 23 miles are in great condition.  Then there are six miles of rather rough road up to the Willow Creek Ranch.

There is a huge gully, about 40-feet wide and 20-feet deep just before the ranch, but a track has been bulldozed around it.  The track is a bit steep but quite passable.  It leads up to the fence around the ranch then to the ranch driveway.

Then there is a very rough track across a second gully.  The second gully is not nearly as large as the first one but the track through it is much rougher. 

The five miles to the Bat Rock Road turnoff is rough at spots but not too bad.

Bat Rock Road is in pretty good shape.  A hearty band of 14 volunteers worked on it on 11/29/13 for a couple of hours and graded down the banks of the worst dips.

There is virtually no snow in the north pass.  The County bladed away the ridge between the ruts.  The ruts have exposed dirt nearly everywhere and where there is a little snow in the ruts, it is no more than an inch deep and generally has some soil mixed with it so traction is good.  I got in and out with four wheel drive and without chains.

Go!  Have fun!  Enjoy!


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Hindsight is fun. Despite all the fuss getting in and out was easy, for all types of vehicles. We went in Steele and out n pass. If you want to get in- you can. Period. Just go, you will not regret it.
Hayduke Propfouler

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My Alaska compadre & I are greatly looking forward to the adventure of driving into SV via N or S pass on Sunday Dec. 8th, coming in in Nissan 4 x 4 p/u...has anyone gone in since the big snow?  Any news of the latest Inyo Co. plowing ops?  Thanks & happy soaking.
"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro". HST

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I'm so sad, had I known that major tom was going through the north pass I would have been there. radiation man.

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I just looked up the weather forecasts for Bishop, Independence and Death Valley on Yahoo Weather and the Weatherunderground.

All of them are saying 10 to 20 percent chance of rain on Thursday and/or Friday.

This is down considerably from the reports over the past few days. 

Is the probability of a storm on Thanksgiving subsiding?

What weather forecast do you consider to be most reliable?

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Sunday, 11/24/13, 1:30 PM.  I got a call from Major Tom from the top of the three mile grade.  (Past Whippoorwill Canyon).  Tom said that about six vehicles got in with him, using four wheel drive but without chains.  All of them had high clearance.

Tom told me that he thought my Subaru with its 7-inch clearance would not make it through the snow.

I had intended to go on Monday.  Tom suggested that I contact the County to see if they still plan to work on Tuesday.  They have a grader and a dozer posted before Whippoorwill Canyon and might knock down the snow between the ruts if they go through.

I don't know what I am going to do.  It is extremely important that I be in Las Vegas Monday morning, December 2.  I cannot afford to be stuck in Saline Valley.

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