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I thought the funniest part was "I might need to use my army training " at least he recognizes all the illogical decisions he made that could have cost both their lives. While reading the blog account I was he's heading up Lippencott, in a proper high clearance rig it's no big deal but a Camry!!

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This is a good one too....

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Here is another story for you..

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Ski3pin that’s the one thank you! I forgot the utter lack of self-awareness he has and the true lack of any sense whatsoever. My favorite quote may be “but why were there falling rocks in a flat desert?”

As always good reminder to do research, bring water and tell people where you’re going.

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I convinced a family in a rental Corolla in fall 2017 not to continue towards South Pass; they stopped me (I was coming out of Saline) to ask if they were on the correct road to the springs...I said there was no correct road for that car!

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Darwin was right...

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Here you go............................

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I finally took my brother out to SV and told him about story that I saw posted on here; it was about a couple who followed their GPS down South Pass, in the middle of the night, partly up Lippincott they then turned around and eventually got stuck and totaled their rental car on Hunter Mountain Road, before trekking off in the summer heat ( obviously they had no water) all because they wanted to get to The Racetrack at sunrise and had done not a moments research, or even considered looking at a map. They barely survived and the guy was still outraged that this wasn’t covered under his insurance 🤷‍♂️. I remember there was a thread on here where the guy, for good reason, was getting ripped apart for putting his life and his girlfriends life at risk. Does anybody know what I’m talking about and have the link? I swear I found the link to the guys blog post on this site.

Desperately need to share it with my brother to show him that, no matter how stupid I may be, at least I keep it real in the backcountry.
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