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I use Ladder Chains from Napa, big old school, actual chains with tensioners. They are a pain to put on, a bit costly, but I've never gotten stuck with them on. They've never broken or been an issue. I have never put them on for a Death Valley trip but often on the mountains when 4X4 and muds are not enough. 

James Sel

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must put on for dry run

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Well, i picked up some from walmart that say heavy duty chains....with the v-link, which I hoped would help in packed snow.

Hope I don't have to use them!!!


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I'll second  Road chains from Walmart, etc. will break under hard use on gravel/rocky road; it's difficult to get a chain that'll last off road that's also decent on the road.  The heavy duty chains from are seriously beefy.  I'd bet even their medium duty would hold up well off road.

I have a set of normal heavy duty chains for the rear tires that I can use on road if needed, and I have a set of V-link chains for the front axle when off road.
D.A. Wright

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Basically, you get what you pay for with tire chains. Cheap chains, especially cables, will wear and break, potentially damaging your outer fender; worse wrapping around your CV joints and axle, tearing brake hoses, boots, etcetera. I cannot stress enough, get chain adjusters.

In June, ‘02, when I bought my Tacoma TRD in Bishop, I stopped by the NAPA store and got HD cleat style chains. When I replaced the Tacoma this past summer with a 4Runner, I looked at the fit chart and found they also fit my 4Runner (1” larger rim, other specs same), so kept them. To date they’ve never been used, even with driving in bumper deep snow. But there is always a first time.

D.A. Wright

Posts: 169
see my article under road discussions about snow chains
excellent experience with WalMart

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 #7 We run the heavy duty’s on our rigs. Work great. Dodge diesel 2500 and a Toyota FJ. Used for heavy offroading as well as flat dirt roads.

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Any recommendations on what chains to get? (coming in for prez weekend, want to be prepared)

Toyota Tacoma 4x4, 265/70/17

I think I should get chains rated for both on and off road.  

Looking for recommendation on brand, style (diamond or ladder, cams no cams, etc.) and where to buy.  Ease of installation and price are factors too.

There's a lot of choices out there and I'm getting over whelmed.  

So far looking konig (thule) xb-16 on, but they're $198...I know it might be smart to spend the money, but maybe there's something else out there just as good, but cheaper?

thoughts?  comments?
thanks in advance!  oh yeah, and GO SKINS  [smile]

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