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Salt Peter

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Learn something new all the time.

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Yes those are the correct coordinates. You can find it on Google Earth; the image from Google Earth is too large to post here. I have been to the mine as part of bat research I am doing in the Inyo Mountains--there is nothing there except (as I recall) a shaft or two; no buildings, etc. It is listed as "Wacouba Mine" on the USGS Wacouba Canyon Quad. It is only about 0.5 mi off the Saline Valley Road and the access road looks fine. 

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Hello all, 

I'm doing some research on the 1873 Waucoba Mining and Smelting Company, and I'm hoping to verify the specific location of the 1873 mine.

Is this the correct location for their mine?  

36.9721532, -117.9375859

The coordinates match with a subsequent "Waucoba Mine," also known as "Last Rose." It was supposedly worked for tungsten by a Mr. J. L. Danzinger between 1938-41.

Bryan and Tucker-Bryan's "The Explorer's Guide to Death Valley National Park" suggests that Danziger's mine worked the same site of the 1873 mine. I wanted to make sure (they also note that the Waucoba Mining and Smelting Company camp was near Waucoba Mine Road, but that the exact location of the camp is lost).

Also, Chalfant, in "The Story of Inyo" (1922), states that the Waucoba Mining and Smelting Company built a road into the region. Does this share the same route as Saline Valley Road? If so, do we know what portion the Waucoba Company built? 

Thanks for your help! 

(also, if anyone has pictures of what the site looks like today, I'd love to see them)

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