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 How do you feel about online publicity containment?
 Opposed to online promotion 15 93%
 In favor of online promotion 0 0%
 Let it be 1 6%
Total votes: 16. This poll has been closed.

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Salt Peter, couldn't agree with you more....
Salt Peter

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As I have only been visiting DV for a couple years, Saline included, I am of the mindset less is more. Since my enjoyment of Saline and the springs is somewhat shorter than others here I don't know if the springs have become busier. From all I've read they have. I made sure to comment on the NPS query about the springs.

I am lucky to have friends who have showed me very cool places within the area and are very knowledgeable. I have also come upon vehicles attempting Lippencott which should not have been there and advised them to turn around. I go to camping for peace and tranquility. Saline is a very special place and should be protected. It would be more than unfortunate if the NPS decided to make drastic changes.
paul belanger

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I am wondering what the general consensus is on this subject.  A thread in the "Road Conditions" forum headed into this territory.  I thought I'd bring it over here where it seems more apropos. 

My question is:

Do we support "publicity containment" online to keep usage numbers lower? (Opposed, less usage, less headaches for the NPS.)
Do we (SPA members) believe online promotion will increase our numbers and allow better relations with the NPS in the future?   (In favor, there is strength in numbers.) 

Or is a laissez faire approach just fine, as the journey into the valley controls numbers adequately? (Let it be.)
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