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Despite the cold and windy weather, we had an eventful Presidents' Day weekend. 

Before the weekend even arrived, a group of volunteers rebuilt the shower deck at Palm Springs.  The old deck lasted 10 years and a couple of flash floods, but was really beginning to show its age.  The new deck is built with better materials than the old one, so the thought is that it should last even longer.  All the materials were funded by the SPA Treasury from the donations received from the user community.  Well done, everyone!

Saturday morning's Pancake Feed was very well attended .  Thanks to Sgt. Pepper for all the food and to the volunteer chefs for preparing it.  Later that afternoon, Dana became a multi-time winner of the Saline Valley Self-Invitational golf tournament with a winning score of 14.   

Sunday's Saline Valley Softball Classic began just as the weather took a change for the worse.  Dropping temps and rising wind accompanied the usual game-day shenanigans.  Despite the conditions, the game was close most of the way, with the home team Skins nursing a 10-9 lead into the bottom of the 6th inning.  That's when the wheels seemed to fall off for the Misfits.  Their defense just couldn't contain the Skins hitters as the home team put up 13 runs in their half of the inning.  When the Misfits came to bat in the 7th, they found themselves down by 14 runs.  Despite their valiant efforts, they could muster only 2 scores.  The Skins won by the final score 23-11, giving them their second consecutive victory.  A post-game pot-luck kicked off at 5:00 pm up at Palm Spring.  

Probably the only guy that didn't enjoy his weekend was the man who crashed his dual-sport motorcycle on Steele Pass on Saturday and broke his femur.  He had to be evacuated by helicopter to the hospital.  I hope he had good insurance!

There was a meeting with the SPA Board and DVNP Superintendent Mike Reynolds and his staff.  I'll post my observations of that under the "Saline Valley Management Plan" heading.
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