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Posts: 10
I must say to all the folks who took Fluxes word to heart,

and made like Gods On the Field of dreams,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Again Well done Skins, Next year, If I get the ride out, I will promote the hell out of the game again. 

Posts: 3

Excellent to see my Elders again, it had been a few years since going out there in the 20 I've been going. Brother Daniel (Piano Dan) was the navigator and we made it back softly back to our snowy mountains, froze out last night but still alive. Lappy is still functional so apparently all is well. South pass was a breeze, even in the 2WD minivan Dan and I commandeered. Super shout outs to Pete and the Maineiacs for putting up with a few broke asses who'd been there for a week+ Nancy Excellent to see you, have a blast on Thursday at the Pinnacle.

Not to pretend to be anything of a sports fan, but the Skins (w00T w00t)...well it was a catastrophe for the Fits...Had they not had the superior female cheerleaders, for them all would be lost. The patriot cheer team on Skins side was beyond epic, if you're into men in costume doing mid inning strip teases (which I totally am) That was a good game, too bad the potlucks got scattered by the W. Nonetheless, wouldn't have missed it for the world, and technically didn't.

Namaste to all that were there and you know who you are.

and P.S. tito you do suck.






Posts: 158
drive out was no problem, sorry I missed the potluck but ran away when the W attacked
Mike rocks

Posts: 1
Great time this year guys my 2nd year in a row playing on the skins and this year we took it good seeing all u again good job tito till next year
Salt Peter

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Posts: 636
Just an FYI, the White Mountains got some good snow coverage since yesterday. Cerro Gordo and the western face of the Inyos got some snow too so roads in may be affected.

Posts: 121
@bobhuckaby: You know, they've come out with some new medications that really help with personal problems like this.

@BigDaddy JEH: Have you tried using those disposable filters? When I use my nose to filter coffee, it really messes up my sinuses...

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Posts: 32
OMG, I just shot coffee through my nose!  LMFAO  [biggrin]

James Sel

Posts: 363
^ Bob did your old balls stop working?

Posts: 158
I got some new bocce balls
bob from tahoe

Posts: 66
We shall celebrate who-ever wins the ball game, as usual Sunday afternoon/evening at the Volcano pool.
I am bringing the turkey again.

Missed Prez event last year, looking forward to this one.

Happy soaks.

Just Bill

Posts: 26
 #11’s been a year.....where have you been..on a roof? IT Will be good to get together with Saline Valley Family ....that’s a positive in everyone’s experience out there. Sorry to say unless you have some RINGERS coming in on your team this year you will have the same outcome as last year. Maybe you can stretch that single again into a homerun........your a lucky loser.........and I don’t think TITO SUCKS!!!!!!!! Best see ya tomorrow..Best Bills Camp!

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Posts: 199
Go Misfits!!

Posts: 39
I'm coming in Tuesday!!!!   The weather looks fabulous for Presidents weekend!!!  Golf and softball will be happening!!  Can't wait to see my Saline Valley Family!!  This will be my 17th year in a row for President's!!  Whoot Whoot!!!!  See ya'll out THERE!!![smile]        TITO

Posts: 6
Who's up for Sunrise Momosa's in the Wizard pool President's weekend?  Sounds perfect to me.

Posts: 2
I'll be heading in along with Software Dave from Northern Nevada.  Sadly, the wives have to work, so dude trip it is. Cheers in advance.
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