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Coming in over south pass, or hunter mountain and lippencott (which is the south- where you would be coming from if you leave from San Diego) you will be fine on the KLR, even if you do not have much off road experience. 
Big Jeff

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Check out, the post below about a recent Dual Sport trip, and all the other posts on this site, doing so will give you a good idea of what you are up against.   Also you should post to the Message board and Current events threads on this site about joining a group going in.

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I was thinking about driving up to the valley from San Diego for thanksgiving since my other friends have plans, I was thinking about doing something awesome for myself.

I have also been on these forums for a moderate amount of time, pretty much just reading and lurking. So I have heard that there is a turkey day and I figured it would be fun to go.

The only thing is that I have never driven there before. The good news is that I am not driving a Honda civic or anything like that. I am driving a KLR650 fited with tkc80 tires.

So I guess I have a few questions, first off is that im wondering if anyone is going to be there since there are road closures, the second thing I would be wondering is how difficult is it to get there? Are there groups going that I can meet up with just before the offroad part? I may be new to the whole off-road thing but even I know to never take a new off road route alone.

But yes if there is going to be something, and if it is organized. Is there some kind of checklist where I can look at what is needed so maybe I could bring something? (hopefully something that doesn't have to stay frozen)
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