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charles kissinger

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Yes offroad  tent trailers are pricey but I got my TENTRAX on Craigs list. New it was $8000 I paid $3200 was used only 3 times and was like new. Most used ones when I was looking sold for $3000-$40000 . Mine has been in to Saline 5 times in last 3 years plus other trips ,really only good for two people 
No chains James
I think the real problem would not be the road so much. The wind would be an issue, likely destroy it.

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I have rarely seen tent trailers at Saline that weren't the heavy duty, off-road variety. While I assume that there is a reason for that, I'm curious if people have had personal experience with them? Have you driven one in? Did it survive the trip? The off-road variety are pretty spendy. I'm tempted to try a regular one, but would be unhappy if I had to buy a new one every time I came in. Whatcha think?
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