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A Cabin Dweller

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And besides the sand is better here in the desert than the beach. Last I checked it's a scenic byway.

I'm Just say'en

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Tiff - 
Don't worry about the 'unregistered' one.  There seem to be lots of cowardly unregistered dorks (and yes, I know what that means) out there giving their worthless opinions (opinions like butts - everyone has one and some of them stink!).  Not like it's hard to register, but if you are just nasty, I guess it's easy to be negative towards their fellow humans if no one knows who you are.  That's my opinion.

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Thanks for the info, Buz! And for the 'unregistered' one who said day trips are bad for the valley and the monument? How do you know exactly how long I'm staying? I'll be there the whole weekend, and I live about 6 hours from wine country and the beach, and I'm 2 hours from Saline...However, thanks for butting in and giving your two bad cents! I've been going there for years and I respect the land I'm on. Hope you're not there this weekend.

Buz Lightning
I recommend McElvoy Canyon.  You eventually come to a fern gratto that is spectacular.

Day trips are bad for the valley and for the monument in general. I suggest a day trip to the beach or Napa valley.
Does anyone know how to get to Black Rock Well? From what I've heard there are some good ones there. I'd love to see them.
Yep, I live in Mammoth, so I've actually seen the things that have been done to the Bishop petroglyphs. Terrible. If I don't end up finding the petroglyphs in Saline, does anyone have a good suggestion for a day trip in the valley? I have a Subaru, so I can't get too crazy.

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Here's an example of what idiots have done to the petroglyphs outside of Bishop... Even worse are the people who carve their own inscriptions and symbols in the rock.

I hope you have luck finding them... I haven't seen em yet myself. Perhaps my next visit I'll get up there to admire them (from a safe distance, of course)


That's terrible. I didn't know about that. I'll definitely ask when we get there!

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T, it's better to take that question up with people at the springs when you get there.  I'm aware of petroglyphs that have been decimated by thieves to the point where there are only 5-10% left of what I saw 20 years ago.  It is my opinion that the location of such artifacts in the valley is better left where Google can't get to it.

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Hey all! I'm heading to Saline next weekend (Easter) with some good friends for a spring/birthday trip and I've always wanted to check out the petroglyphs in the valley. Does anyone know where they are and how to get there? Or perhaps recommend a good day trip somewhere in the Valley?


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