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Exactly. How many people know how to move an old deserted bulldozer into the middle of the road on a holiday weekend?
Farmer Dean

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I think that there are very few people on Earth that could do Lee's job - year around - year after year. For some, the job description sounds like it could be interesting, however I think the gig is many times more difficult than it looks. FD.


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I'm am blown away by Wanderer's complaint about Lee.  He's a nice guy and doesn't bother anyone unless they are being jerks and even than, he lets most things slide.  

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How does NPS know who comes? and how long they stay?  In short, they cannot unless lee complains that people are.

I haven't been there this year yet but I'm tired of lee being host and am going to meet with the DV sup in the very near future and ask very tough questions with the goal of getting someone else to be camp host at least part time of the year.  This should be a rotating position. I could volunteer and I think there are others that would enjoy the opportunity to be there for long term stays.   I could volunteer for the whole summer, May - Aug.   If the DV Sup doesn't listen, I fully intend to have words with my congressional rep and the rep for inyo county as well as every social network available.

See. Feel. Paint.

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I have not visited the site far a time, life has been busy. But I have thought about the ash issue. It is probable that ashes are being left behind for two main reasons. One is some just do not take their ashes. Second, fire pits are usually still hot when campers are leaving. That makes it more work to remove. A suggestion I have come up with would help.

Clean and empty your pit upon arrival. Stash the ash till ya leave, then haul it out. If everyone adopted this method of emptying on arrival the ashes would be leaving the Valley.  We  need to spread the  word with more enthusiasm.  So everyone haul ash!

I am adding a metal ash can to my Valley gear for all future trips, cuse it will make it easier and it is the right thing to do. 
Major Tom

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The SPA board recently met with Camphost Lizard Lee over the President's Day weekend. Minutes will be posted on the SPA website shortly.

As SPA's mandate is to help facilitate communication between the Saline Valley user community and the National Park Service, SPA would like to share a few NPS concerns as conveyed to us by Lee.

Firstly, the Park Service would like everyone to understand that there is a 30-day camping limit at the springs per calendar year. Understanding and compliance with this limitation will be helpful to the NPS. They prefer to not have to come on site to enforce this rule.

Secondly, the NPS has a concern about ashes accumulating in fire pits. The springs at Saline Valley enjoy the unique privilege allowing unrestricted fire rings, and we stand a better chance of retaining this privilege if folks follow the recommended use of fire pans and REMOVE their ashes at the end of their stay.

SPA will be coordinating a volunteer effort to visit campsites at the Lower and Palm Springs to remove ashes that are currently occupying fire rings and pans. This effort will begin in early March and be ongoing. Your help will be appreciated by all.
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