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Geo Mitch

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I just go back from my annul August trip to the springs.  Like my other summer trips, the pools had not been cleaned for some time.  The Wizard pool was especially bad this year and I had to use a shovel to clean out the thick growth.  Lee said I was the first person he had seen in 3 weeks.  There were no floods that came through the springs this year (unlike last year).  However the pipe to the shower is exposed and needs to be buried deeper or covered.  The CaCO3 build up around the water line in the wizard pool needs to be removed.  I used a basalt stone to do the area where I sit but I didn't do the whole tub.  A disc grinder with a masonry disc would work well.  I also cleaned a lot of sand out of the valve box.  I think the sand gets in there when we clean the pool.  Maybe a box with sides above ground level would prevent that.
I brought in 4 bottles of bleach and but had to use some to clean the pools.  Normally any bleach that is out there all summer is no longer useful so I dump it and haul out all the old bleach bottles and any other trash I can find.  There was plenty of TP in the out house and brushes for cleaning the pools.
  The shower was working fine.

Labor Day 2014 009.JPG

I may not be out there again until December so I expect all work to be done before my next trip.  (Just kidding).

Geo Mitch

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